10 Amazing Artist Renditions of Disney Characters

Once upon a time over a year ago on Redesign Revolution, we collected our 10 favorite artist renditions of Disney Princesses. It was a resounding success. Since it has been a year since we found the best of the best in artist renditions, we decided to do a second, updated roundup of artistic recreations of all our favorite Disney characters.

This updated roundup will feature some fun recreations of all starring Disney characters, from Hercules and Peter Pan to Tarzan and more. And, of course, we’ll see even more Disney Princesses in this roundup. Enjoy these fun renditions below!

1. Art Nouveau Paintings

Disney Characters Princesses Art Nouveau Illustrations Hannah A aurora sleeping beauty arielle the little mermaid pocahontas rapunzel tangled belle beauty and the beast merida brave snow white mulan jasmine aladdin

UK-based artist Hannah Alexander was inspired by the work of Alphonse Mucha and illustrated all the Disney princesses in the style of Art Nouveau. What’s notable about this series is that she aimed to showcase an admirable aspect of each princess. Merida is noted for her determination, Pocahontas for her power, Belle for her ambition and Jasmine for her passion.

[Hannah Alexander: Deviantart]

2. Disney Characters as College Students

Disney Characters Princesses College Students Illustrations Ruben disney pixar hercules prince eric cinderella aladdin ariel the little mermaid belle beauty and the beast esmerelda hunchback of notre dame peter pan tinker bell mulan alice in wonderland tarzan treasure planet pocahontas brother bear Kenai treasure planet jim hawkins

Can you imagine if, similar to Monsters University, Disney decided to gather all their old characters together to attend university? Artist Rubén has already done the hard part: imagining which each title character would look like as a college student. We love this series because he thought of all the characters, from the iconic Disney princesses to the lesser known characters, like Kenai from Brother Bear.

[Rubén: Deviantart, Twitter]

3. Disney Couples Go to Prom

Disney Characters Princesses Go to Prom Illustrations Kathryn Hudson the little mermaid prince eric ariel tarzan jane belle beauty and the beast aladdin jasmine peter pan wendy rapunzel flynn alice in wonderland mad hatter princess and the frog Prince Naveen Tiana, atlantis the lost empire Milo James Thatch Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh snow white seven dwarves sleeping beauty prince phillip hunchback of notre dame esmerelda the rescuers

In her series, Disney Prom, Kathryn Hudson dressed her favorite Disney couples up for the biggest night of their high school lives: prom! Our favorite couple might just be Quasimodo and Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

[Kathryn Hudson: Website, Tumblr, Deviantart]

4. Disney Princesses Meet Doctor Who

Pixar Disney Characters Princesses Doctor Who TARDIS Illustrations Karen Hallion rapunzel tangled alice in wonderland, mulan, merida disney pixar brave, cinderella belle beauty and the beast snow white

Illustrator Karen Hallion combined two entirely different fandoms and had The Doctor visit each of the Disney Princesses in their own universes! Can you recognize the iconic scenes that Doctor Who decided to crash? Our particular favorite is how he floated into Alice’s Wonderland.

You can buy any of the prints for this series on Etsy. Prices average around $20.

[Karen Hallion: Facebook, Etsy, Deviantart]

5. Disney Princess: Moulin Rouge

Disney Characters Princesses Moulin Rouge Burlesque Showgirls Illustrations MADHANZ jasmine aladdin mickey mouse snow white sleeping beauty little mermaid ariel belle beauty and the beast cinderella

Illustrator MADHANZ decided to showcase the more innocent Disney princesses in an alternate light: as Burlesque showgirls.

[MADHANZ: Tumblr]

6. Sloth Princesses

Disney Characters Princesses Sloths Illustrations Phillip Light snow white cinderella belle beauty and the beast sleeping beauty princess and the frog tiana rapunzel tangled mulan merida disney pixar brave pocahontas

California-based illustrator Phillip Light oh-so-amusingly re-imagined the Disney Princesses as lazy, slow-moving sloths. He even cleverly renamed the characters! Snow White is Snow Sloth, Cinderella is Slotherella, Aurora is Sleeping Slothy, Ariel is The Little Sloth-Maid, Pocahontas is Slothahontas, Belle is Beauty & the Sloth, Mulan is Musloth, Jasmine is Slothmin, Tiana is The Sloth Princess, Rapunzel is Rapunsloth, and Merida is Merisloth.

[Phillip Light: FacebookTwitterBlogger, TumblrOnline Shop]

7.  Disney Princess Star Wars Mashup

Disney Characters Princesses Star Wars Jedi Illustrations Ralph Sevelius ariel the little mermaid rapunzel tangled snow white mulan jasmine aladdine

Atlanta-based illustrator Ralph Sevelius took some motifs from Star Wars and re-imagined a select number of Disney princesses as if they were part of the Star Wars universe. Ariel and Rapunzel were recast as Jedis, while Snow White chose the dark side of the force. Jasmine was inspired by Leia in Jabba’s ill-lit palace, while Mulan is a “girl worth fighting for”!

[Ralph Sevelius: Blog]

8. Disney Steampunk

Disney Characters Princesses Steam Punk Illustrations MecaniqueFairy beauty and the beast alice in wonderland little mermaid ariel pocahontas peter pan tinker belle sleeping beauty captain hook king triton ursula malificent rapunzel mulan merida disney pixar brave snow white evil queen belle pinnochio

Quebec-based artist MecaniqueFairy has created an extensive, on-going series of all Disney characters undergoing a steampunk makeover. You get the typical Disney princesses, a fair collection of Disney villains, and even some other lovable characters like Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! You can check out the entire collection here.

[MecaniqueFairy: Deviantart, Tumblr]

9. Twisted Disney Princesses

Disney Characters Twisted Princesses Illustrations Jeffrey Thomas atlantis the lost empire esmerelda hunchback of notre dame the little mermaid the lion king rapunzel tangled beauty and the beast sleeping beauty tiana princess and the frog meg hercules jasmine aladdin alice in wonderland mulan tarzan jane cinderella pocahontas snow white seven dwarves

Artist Jeffrey Thomas gets a little dark and only slightly disturbing with these digital illustrations that portray the classic Disney princesses as evil, murderous and only slightly creepy. As we noted in another Disney roundup, “Pocahontas is a blood-drenched warrior, Cinderella is a scarecrow, Sleeping Beauty’s eyes have been sewn shut, Ariel has one of her favorite gadgets and gizmos for a hand, and Mulan has a truly badass dragon tattoo that comes to life.”

[Jeffrey Thomas: Portfolio, Deviantart]

10. Zombie Disney Princesses

Disney Characters Zombie Princesses Illustrations Witit Karpkraikaew beauty and the beast belle the little mermaid arielle cinderella snow white and the seven dwarves

Thai graphic designer Witit Karpkraikaew jumped on the trending zombie bandwagon and transformed these classic princesses into wondrously bloodthirsty zombies. Which princess should he re-imagine next?

[Witit Karpkraikaew: Tumblr, Deviantart]

What are your favorite renditions of Disney Characters? Comment below!