Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Eric Coleman Pro Football Player - Sunday Shopping

American football season is once again upon us. And so begins the days in which our sports-obsessed coworkers talk football game stats around the water cooler once again. How fitting is it that photographer Jordan Matter started work on a sports related project, Athletes Among Us, at the same time?

The concept behind the series is similar to another photography project Matter is famous for: Dancers Among Us, a wildly popular photo series and photo book that was a New York Times Bestseller in 2012. When you reach celebrity status from one concept, how do you top it? That is how Matter came upon the idea behind Athletes Among Us.

Similar to Dancers Among Us, Matter displaces a professional athlete into an everyday setting that plebeians like us would experience. From a typical day at the grocery store to a party at the public swimming pool, the subjects display their athletic prowess as the surrounding audience gaze at them, completely perplexed. The playful series features a multitude of professional athletes in a spectrum of sports, from American football to Rhythmic Gymnastics. You can check out what it’s like behind-the-scenes in the video below:

While this series focuses on the athlete, Matter is connected to the bigger message behind the inspiration. Matter explained the overarching theme on the website:

Athletes Among Us is not a book about sports. The athletes are a physical representation of dedication, but their drive can be applied to any field. These photographs illustrate that even when athletes are not competing, they are living and breathing their passion. They playfully remind all of us to pursue our objectives tenaciously; to never give up and to keep striving for excellence, no matter what path we’ve chosen.

A truly beautiful message behind a beautiful series. Check out some of our favorite photos below:

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Adam Crigler Competitive Longboarder - Delivery Boy

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Eric Coleman - Jessica Sun Rhythmic Gymnast - Light Reading

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Eric Coleman Pro Football Player - Valentine's Day

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Musa Shannon Soccer Player - Battle of the Superheroes

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - US Olympic Rowing Team - Pool Party

Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter - Vincent Iuzzolino Bodybuilder - Business Travel

Athletes Among Us is still a work in progress, and Matter is currently on the lookout for athletes who would like to volunteer to be subjects. Learn more about the series at the project website and head over to the contact page if you want to help out! To follow Jordan Matter, check out his website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger pages.

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What do you think of the Athletes Among Us project?