DIY Thursday: 9 Eco-Friendly DIY Bird Feeders

The weather outside in NYC might not give it away, but accept it, people! Flowers are blooming, and spring is here! And spring means that birds are perched atop your tree branches once again.

You know what else we associate with spring? Earth Day! Earth Day provides ample opportunities for you and your kids to work on earth-friendly crafts that make them think about their planet in a different way. We think that making bird feeders with your kids is a clever way to help them think about the way we interact with nature. And the best bird feeders are ones that integrate most easily with nature!

We’ve collected a wonderful number of DIY bird feeders that reuse and re-purpose everyday times. Try one of these eco-friendly DIY bird feeders with (or for) your kids!

Acorn DIY Bird Feeders

Acorn Bird Feeder via Design Sponge

Flower Pot DIY Bird Feeders

Leaning Flower Pot Bird Feeder via A Few Short Cuts

Glass Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Glass Bottle Bird Feeders via The Garden Roof Coop

Orange Cup DIY Bird Feeders

Orange Cup Bird Feeder via She Knows

Popsicle Stick DIY Bird Feeders

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders via Tonya Staab

Soup Can DIY Bird Feeders

Soup Can Bird Feeders via Plum Adorable

Starbucks Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Starbucks Bottle Bird Feeder via Mary Janes and Galoshes

Tea Cup DIY Bird Feeders

Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeders via Imtimate Weddings

Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Wine Bottle Bird Feeders via The Garden Roof Coop

Which eco-friendly DIY bird feeder are you ready to make this Earth Day?