Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here? We were just getting used to January!

February is the month of love * queue semi-sexy 70’s music *. It’s the time to give your special someone jewelry and lots of pretty flowers and huge boxes of chocolates — or some of those heart-shaped chalk candies with sayings on them, which people seem to like.

Or, you could take a totally homemade approach to this whole Valentine’s Day thing and make your own Valentines. These printable Valentines are oh-so-cute, and they take no time at all to make! Perfect for your friends, family, and coworkers, check out these cheerful Valentines, and spread some love this Valentine’s Day!

Cootie Catcher via LilLuna

diy valentines

Yay for Cootie Catchers! Give your Valentine the gift or reminiscence with this great DIY Valentine! Add it to any gift baggie or basket for a personalized approach.

EOS Valentine via MomDot

diy valentines

Nobody likes chapped lips. This printable Valentine is the perfect way to give the person (or people) you love some fantastic EOS lip balm.

Bicycle for Two Card via MclaughlinDesigns

diy valentines

Show your Valentine that the only way to work this crazy thing is together.

Printable Language of Flowers via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt

diy valentines

Did you know that different flowers mean different things? Red rosebuds, for instance, represent purity and love. Take a look at more with this super fun DIY.

Woodland Critter Valentines via TinyInklings

diy valentines

Squirrels and foxes have been used for centuries to represent love between two people. Okay, that may not be true, but look how cute they are!

I Love Everything Valentine via TriedAndTrue

diy valentines

This pretty design is worth framing, and your Valentine will love to get it from you!

Funny Valentines via LandeeSeeLandeeDo

diy valentines

Give your Valentine a laugh with these funny printable cards!

Cup of Tea via CraftedByLindy

diy valentines

Tea is like a warm hug, and hugs represent love, and love is a crucial element to Valentine’s day. So, really, Tea is love, which is what makes this printable Valentine perfect.

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What DIY Valentines will you be giving your sweetie this year?