Nobody likes a mess! Of course bags and belongings are convenient when you’re out on the town. There’s always extra stuff to carry when you are wandering outside – and this is especially true if you have kids – but when you come home and unload everything, it’s easier, and tidier, if everything has a place to go.

For your weekly dose of DIY, we’ve compiled an assortment of hook tutorials for you to hang your hat (and your bags, keys, coats, and scarves) on. They are easy to make, and great for keeping your belongings off the floor once and for all.

Upcycled Book Wall Rack via KnickOfTime

hanging hooks diy

Made from old books, this mounted hanging hook would be perfect for a home office to hang backpacks and laptop bags on. The variety of colored books creates an eclectic feel.

Wooden Hanger Hook via ALittleGlassBox

hanging hooks diy

Take some of those wooden hangers you have on hand and turn them into this sleek, modern-looking rack. It’s a wonderful storage solution, and it looks nice on its own, too.

Branch Rack via GardenTherapy

hanging hooks diy

What a great idea that is totally unique! Take some sturdy branches, paint them the color of your choice, and mount them onto a pretty piece of wood. This great tutorial walks you through every step!

Railroad Spike Hook via TheWoodGrainCottage

hanging hooks diy

A wonderful project that complements the minimalist rustic style, this wall hung hook is made from re-purposed wood and railroad spikes.

Spoon and Pallet Rack via FoxHollowCottage

hanging hooks diy

You know when you go to an antique store and they have those bundles of pretty, old silverware that you love, but don’t really have a use or? Now you finally have an excuse to buy some! This rack makes old spoons useful again.

Rustic Rack via 7thHouseOnTheLeft

hanging hooks diy

This tutorial shows you how to distress wood to make it look vintage and rustic. Kudos to these crafty bloggers for making a wonderful clutter solution!

Chevron Wall Hook via Ginger&TheHuth

hanging hooks diy

This is a lovely hook with an intricate chevron pattern. It makes for a great place to store your belongings, but it’s quite pretty all on its own!

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Which one of then hanging hooks would you set up in your home?