This incredible work of art brings the idea of pop-up books to a whole new level.  The sculpture features the dragon Smaug from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit as he tears his way off the pages and onto your table. The unbelievably detailed sculpture was crafted by Victoria from DeviantART — also known as FarTooManyIdeas — after rigorously studying the trailer for the film. As the idea came to life in Victoria’s mind, she could no longer wait for her English copy of The Hobbit to arrive.  She hurriedly began crafting Smaug with her beloved Danish edition Hobbitten, as seen in the photo.

Victoria links the design angle to “that one clip, where we first got a good glimpse of him…”  The detail present in the sculpture is magnificent as each scale seems to be finely placed. Additionally, the visible text from the pages adds a unique feel to the design in that Smaug is now physically, not just figuratively, created from the book. Looking at the front of the book is the almost-too-tiny-to-notice Bilbo Baggins, fretting around the cover as he hides from Smaug’s view. Be sure to check out FarTooManyIdeas’ page for more artwork.







What other page sculptures could be made?

Photos via DeviantART