With summer in full swing and temperatures crawling higher and higher, many people find sweet relief in cool, refreshing swimming pools. Did you know that swimming pools have been utilized by hot, sweaty humans since the 3rd millennium BC? We didn’t either, but we sure are glad that someone invented them so we can have a private oasis during these hot summer months. However, if you are a suffering land-locked soul and none of your friends have pools, we invite you to drool with us over the following mind-blowing pools. Just shower and use the bathroom first.

1. The Cambrian, Switzerland

 the cambrian switzerland swimming pool

The Cambrian is a five star hotel with top rated spa facilities. Tripadvisor voted them as having one of the best hotel pools. It’s gorgeous.

2. The St. Regis, Tibet

 st regis swimming pool gold

If you want to feel like a real celebrity, swim in The St. Regis Lhasa Resort pool. Wait-why is it yellow?!  Don’t worry. It’s just plated in gold.

3. Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania

 Tanzania Accommodation Sanctuary Swala pool area

Sanctuary Swala Camp is five star resort in Tanzania that was built as an eco-friendly escape. Located right in the middle of the Tarangire National Park, guests can relax in their infinity pool and become a part of nature.

4. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

 Infinity-Pool-with-dining-and-LED-lights-Huvafen-Fushi-Resort-in-Maldives swimming pool

This swimming pool located inside the Huvafen Fushi Maldives spa and resort holds the title of the first swimming pool to utilize fiber optics. It makes for five star pool-side dining and night swimming experiences.

5. Ubud Hanging Garden Pools, Bali

 hanging-gardens-bali-6 swimming pool

At the Ubud Hanging Garden Pools in Bali, two ininity pools are situated on top on one another allow sweeping views of the valley and forest and were designed with nature in mind. Their curvature was implemented to create the least disturbance in forest around them.

6. San Alfonso del Mar Resort, Chile

 San-Alfonso-del-Mar-Resort swimming pool

If you’re someone who shivers at the idea of swimming in a crowded bathtub-like pool, then fear no more! At San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, they proudly hold the title of having the world’s largest outdoor pool. It’s 115 feet deep, holds 66 million gallons of water and is larger than 20 Olympic sized pools combined. You can even sail and kayak in it! If somehow it gets too crowded for you, the ocean is literally just steps away.

7. Kitchukov Family Pool, USA

 kitchukov family swimming pool

Could you imagine going into your backyard and seeing a pool? Probably. How about a pool with three separate bodies of water that’s ten times the size of a normal backyard pool? With a mini-golf course and a skateboard bowl? A Koi pond? Two outdoor kitchens? A fifteen person Jacuzzi? A waterfall and a slide? We couldn’t imagine it either, but it sure does sound nice!

8. Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

 Japan-Ocean-Dome-Miyazaki-low swimming pool

How can you ensure the perfect beach experience? Go to the Seagaia Ocean Dome (which is, ironically, just a few hundred feet away from the actual ocean)! Opened in 1993, this artificial beach has perfect waves, a fake fire-spewing volcano, and permanently blue skies (sort of like the pool in Wall-E). It had over 1.25 million tourists per year, and can hold up to 10,000 people at once.

9. Nemo 33, Belgium

 nemo 33 swimming pool diver

Nemo 33 is the deepest swimming pool in the world at 113 feet! It’s so deep, you can scuba dive in underwater caves and secret rooms! We’re pretty scared!

10. The Infinity Pool, Scotland

 Cameron-House-On-Loch-Lomond infinity swimming pool

Although this pool doesn’t have any special statistics to brag about, it’s one of the most scenic infinity pools in the world, located on the roof of a castle over Loch Lomond. Scotland is known for its greenery, and there’s no better way to soak it in than here.

11. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland

 iceland geothermal swimming pool

Nearly 800 years ago, volcanic activity helped create this man-made oasis, and it now the place to experience geothermal seawater. It’s the most visited attraction in Iceland. Why? The water contains very high levels of certain minerals that are rumored to help those plagued with skin disease.

12. Lava Pool, Portugal

 Natural-lava-pool-madeira portugal

These pools combine man-made structures and work around the already existing tide pools enclosed by lava rocks. The crystal clear tides refills the pools and provide ideal bathing conditions.

13. Balcony Pools, India

 balconyswimming pools mumbai

The daring architect James Law proposed the idea to build a 30 floor building, complete with balcony swimming pools. The plan hasn’t moved forward yet, and it seems dangerous, but it’s definitely cool!

14. Tropical Paradise Island Yacht Pool

 tropical paradise island yacht swimming pool

Do you just need to get away sometimes? We understand, and if you have a few hundred million dollars hanging around in your pocket and somewhere to store this 295 foot yacht, you’re in luck! Inspired from the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia, this boat features a helipad, 3 tropical floating islands and can accommodate 10 guests. Did we forget to mention the pool? It has that too.

15. Hearst Castle: The Neptune Pool & The Roman Pool

hearst castle roman swimming pool indoor

hearst castle roman swimming pool

Last but not least, Hearst Castle is a throwback. Built between 1919 and 1947, this castle now has over a million visitors a year and is a US National Historic Landmark. The outdoor pool, The Neptune Pool, has a panoramic mountain range view and is designed to replicate an Ancient Roman pool. That factoid is not to be confused with the indoor pool named the Roman Pool which is, surprise!, meant to mimic the Ancient Roman bath houses.

If this article hasn’t cooled you down enough, you may want to consider going to one of these pools as soon as possible! The first on my list is the Maldives, but for now I’ll just fill my bathtub with ice water.

What swimming pools are you itching to cool down in?