When I was a youngin’ my grandparent’s house had a planter in front of it. It was always overflowing with colorful flowers and all the neighbors would stop by to compliment them on the flowers. What many of them did not compliment them on though, was that the planter was an old tire. Back in the 80’s, – before upcycling was even a trendy way to save the earth and money – my grandparents upcycled an old tire (that should have really been making its way to the junk yard) into a brand new addition to their front yard.  My grandfather cut a design into the top of the tire, filled it with some soil and flowers, and called it a ‘planter’. I must admit, the tire is really only visually pleasing with flowers inside of it, because it is still an old black tire, but it is nonetheless, an awesome upcycled planter.

Now that the world has discovered the wonder that is upcycling, people have gotten much more crafty with their “remodeling”. Planters are still a hot commodity, but upcyclers are finding other home solutions with the endless opportunities afforded my car parts. To give credit where credit is due, if these innovative minds know how to make a hunk of old rubber look appealing, than we just had to find a way to feature these marvels.

This week, instead of carting those old tires in your garage to the nearest dump, upcycle them! Get inspired by the 5 ways to reinvent old tires below!

Tire Side Table via While They Snooze

Tire Side Table For Upcycle This Tires

Bicycle Tire Mirror Via Re-Creations Project

Tire Mirror for Upcycle This Tires

Hanging Tire Planter Via DIY Show Off

hanging tire planter for upcycle this tires

Tire Garden Chair Via DIY Enthusiasts

tire chair for upcycle this tires

Classic Tire Swing Via Parents

classic tire swing for upcycle this tires

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What do you do with your old tires?