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Once upon a time over a year ago on Redesign Revolution, we collected our 10 favorite artist renditions of Disney Princesses. It was a resounding success. Since it has been a year since we found the best of the best in artist renditions, we decided to do a second, updated roundup of artistic recreations of all our favorite Disney characters.

This updated roundup will feature some fun recreations of all starring Disney characters, from Hercules and Peter Pan to Tarzan and more. And, of course, we’ll see even more Disney Princesses in this roundup. Enjoy these fun renditions below!

1. Art Nouveau Paintings

Disney Characters Princesses Art Nouveau Illustrations Hannah A aurora sleeping beauty arielle the little mermaid pocahontas rapunzel tangled belle beauty and the beast merida brave snow white mulan jasmine aladdin

UK-based artist Hannah Alexander was inspired by the work of Alphonse Mucha and illustrated all the Disney princesses in the style of Art Nouveau. What’s notable about this series is that she aimed to showcase an admirable aspect of each princess. Merida is noted for her determination, Pocahontas for her power, Belle for her ambition and Jasmine for her passion.

[Hannah Alexander: Deviantart]

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  1. Can these images be used for personal use. Example, I’m making a little mini album for my Granddaughter. I would love to use the Princesses Art Nouveau Paintings journalling cards. They would be so great for her. She’s 12. It wouldn’t be sold. I don’t want to do anything the artist wouldn’t be happy with, but I know this would look gorgeous in her little mini album. If the answer is no, it’s quite already I do understand about these things. This is why I asked.

    • Hello Kathy,

      Thanks for asking! We think it would be quite alright. Your best bet, however, is to ask the artist directly, but it’s fine by us. Have a great day!


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