10 Traditional Homes from Around the World

Redesign Revolution recently featured a story on homes across America, but we thought we would up the ante and show all our readers homes from around the world. It is obvious that life across the world is completely different from city to city. Some parts of the world are so different that it is hard to believe that we are all humans from the same planet. The homes Redesign Revolution is showcasing here are a testament to the diversity of life there is in this world. The difference of a Dutch home in comparison to that of a home in Egypt is borderline implausible. Of course, terrain, income, way of life, and quality of life, all play into the way homes around the world are made. Some parts of the world consider a home a display of architecture, while other parts of the world consider a home a functional place of inhabitancy. Regardless of the what is called home though, I think all humans can agree that home is a shared place of comfort to retreat to at the end of a long day. Here are some traditional homes from the far reaches of the world!

Jodhpur, India

Traditional Homes Across the World - Jodhpur, India

The color in this photo is incredible. These Indian homes seem to display exactly what India is: simple, but bright living.


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