10th National Underwear Day: Freshpair Pop-Up Store in NYC


Happy National Underwear Day! Or, more appropriately, #NationalUnderwearDay, if you’re a Twitter fanatic. In honor of this day, the online underwear retailer Freshpair has opened up a special pop-up store in NYC for August 22 and 23, from 11am – 7pm. They took the opportunity to launch their rebranding of the Freshpair brand in an effort to make Freshpair more chic, trendy, and edgy. From the looks of their fun pop-up store, I’d say Freshpair has succeeded in their new look!


First off, before the tour. Here’s a comparison of their old to new logo:

Old Logo


New Logo


I really like the new logo as a departure from the old brand. The old Freshpair logo reminds me a little too much of the Febreze logo (that little squiggle under fresh makes me think of the one above Febreze), which the new Freshpair logo makes me think that it’s a breath of fresh air. Nothing too risky, just a more streamlined look. I like that.

Now, onto the tour.

Freshpair Pop-Up Store


315 W. 57th St.
Between 8th and 9th Ave


It’s definitely worth it to make a trek to the Columbus Circle area to see this pop-up store. The theme, “It’s Time for a Change,” is showcased throughout the store and the style experts who are manning the store right now. Women will get an opportunity for a real bra fitting, check out some exclusive specials and giveaways, get a free snow cone, and maybe leave with a new pair of underwear as well.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s an alley of models wearing only underwear? That’s a site to behold. You’ll get to see it below 🙂

The walls are decorated with framed lingerie and photos of underwear models.

And you get a free snow cone!: Flavors: Organic lemonade, blueberry, and coconut + standard non-organic flavors.

The entrance where you get to test what your style is.

Framed undergarments.

Bar, where you can get water and talk to stylists.

Statement wall.

Sitting area.

Model alley.

Model alley.

President of Freshpair being interviewed by Bloomberg.

The president, quite dapper if I do say so myself.

The rebranding couldn’t have come at a better time, according to Freshpair president Matthew Butlein. According to Mr. Butlein:

It’s Time for a Change means so many things to Freshpair. It announces our company’s rebranding, but more importantly it means that it’s time to change and personalize customers’ online underwear buying experience, which is what we do.  Freshpair wants to change the way people feel in their underwear.  We want to be the source of expertise that provides the best fit, the best variety, the best style, and the best advice to empower our customers to look and feel confident.

With a tagline like Freshpair’s “Your Confidence is Showing”, I think Freshpair is on the right track to changing this shopping experience.

What are you going to do for National Underwear Day?

All photos © Pamela Nguyen at Redesign Revolution.

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