There will always be a slew of new smartphones, computers, tablets, cameras, and smart home appliances to incorporate into our ultra-connected lifestyles. But what are the most innovative products to geek out over from this past year? In no particular order, here are 15 of our favorite gadgets from 2015.

Swarovski Shine Fitness Tracker
2015 tech gadgets

Image via Misfit

Misfit and Swarovski teamed up to create a dazzling collection of fitness trackers called Swarovski Shine. The advanced activity tracking technology fused with beautiful Swarovski jewelry supports our goals of looking and feeling great throughout the day, whether we’re tracking the progress of our morning runs, calories while snacking at the office, or number of steps leading up to the fundraising gala.

Jewelbots Smart Friendship Bracelets
2015 tech gadgets

Image via Jewelbots

Could inspiring more women to get into the tech industry at a young age start with the first programmable friendship bracelet? Jewelbots are wearables on a mission: to excite kids about their potential as coders and engineers by teaching them the basics of coding. They can make their bracelets light up when a friend is nearby or send messages to a buddy across the room.

Tzukuri Solar-Powered Sunglasses

Image via Tzukuri

Okay, so we actually first wrote about “the world’s first unloseable sunglasses” back in 2014, but we can’t get over the Australian-made frames inspired by the finest Japanese artisans, and they keep coming back for pre-order batches. These cool shades are super durable and equipped with seamlessly integrated Bluetooth, so your iPhone can alert you if you’ve left ‘em behind.

Meural Connected Canvas

Image via Meural

Meural’s connected canvases are more than just pretty digital picture frames. They’re an astonishingly smart way to change up the artwork on your wall with the swipe of your hand. Instantly refresh your canvas display with curated works from the Meural collection or your own personal archive by using the app or personal web dashboard. Meural offers three frame designs by Richard Clarkson made from soft maple wood, sourced in the USA.

iZZi Remix 6 iPhone Case
2015 tech gadgets

Image via iZZi Gadgets

The iZZi Remix is the only 5-in-1 lens case system that integrates dual layer protection and peripheral motion lock technology, which translates to five pro-grade interchangeable lenses on a rotating carousel on an ultra-thin, bend-free aluminum case. Cases come in a range of colors for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to take photo-documenting your life to the next level.

Prynt Smartphone Case
2015 tech gadgetsImage via Prynt

We heard about the Prynt smartphone case through their Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, and now you can actually purchase the first photo-printing phone case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The included 10-pack of Prynt ZINK® Paper will help get the party started.

Bobine Smartphone Charging Cable
2015 tech gadgets

Image via Fuse Chicken

The Bobine is a sturdy, but flexible smartphone-charging cable that can also be used as a stand, dock, or tripod. It’s small enough for your travel bag, and strong enough to hold your iPhone up for long video-chats or easy recipe viewing while cooking dinner.

Stellé Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker
2015 tech gadgetsImage via Stellé Audio Couture

Stellé Audio Couture’s metallic Mini-Clutch Speakers are the gateway to spontaneous dance parties. The wireless Bluetooth speakers function as wonder clutches for toting all your everyday essentials—smartphone, lipstick, mirror, and Beyoncé.

The Ninja Coffee Bar
2015 tech gadgets

Image via NinjaKitchen

If you’re a caffeine junkie, The Ninja Coffee Bar is well worth the investment and countertop real estate. The fully programmable brewing machine turns your favorite ground coffee into specialty beverages at the touch of a button. It even tailors to your personal taste and container size, and can help you concoct cappuccinos and lattes with a milk frother accessory.

Cafflano Klassic2015 tech gadgets

Image via Cafflano

Even when you have The Ninja Coffee Bar at your disposal, you might not have time to whip up that much needed cup o’ Joe before you need to be out the door. With the Cafflano Klassic, no one will ever have to find out what it’s like when you don’t get your daily fix…again. The all-in-one portable coffee maker features a foldaway hand mill grinder, drip kettle, stainless filter dripper, and 15 oz tumbler.

Fizzics Beer System
2015 tech gadgets

Image via Fizzics

The Keurig-like Fizzics countertop beer system makes your favorite bottled beer taste like draft beer for a foamier, creamier, and more flavorful experience. Just insert a beer, drop the device’s tube into the bottle, close the lid, and pull the tap forward for the perfect pour. You can even select the exact amount of foam you want to top your beer.

Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Image via Tile

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items in seconds—like your phone, keys, and wallet. There are endless possibilities for how you could use the trackers by attaching, sticking, or tying Tile to all the things you frequently need. This man even hunted down his stolen van from 100 miles away.

Parrot Flower Power

Image via Parrot

If you don’t have a green thumb, technology can help. The Parrot Flower Power is an incredible sensor that can assess your plants’ needs—whether they’re in a pot or in the ground—and send alerts to your smartphone. The gizmo looks like a little branch and pairs with an app to keep your houseplants happy.

Flight 001’s 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter

Image via Flight 001

Naturally, we’re suckers for cool design, particularly when it comes to ordinary objects. Flight 001’s versatile international power adapter looks like a LEGO! The color-coded world adapter system makes it easy use outlets in over 150 countries, and find the right plug for your trip.

Schwinn CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator

Image via Schwinn

The Schwinn CycleNav bike navigation system steers cyclists in the right direction. The free mobile app pairs with a Bluetooth device designed to give riders turn-by-turn audio and visual navigation from their handlebars, making it easy to keep your eyes on the road instead of your phone. The GPS unit connected to the phone in your bag or pocket even doubles as a headlight.

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What 2015 tech gadgets topped your list this year?


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