Some popular brands have decided to take the Presidential election polls into their own hands. While their idea of polling isn’t exactly scientific or precise, it is an interesting take on what is otherwise a boring survey process and it certainly adds a little something special to the campaigns. Here are 4 brands that are holding their own fun, consumer-based election polls.

7-Eleven’s “7-Election”


If you stop by 7-Eleven regularly for coffee on your way to work, you may have noticed you have a choice in your cup design. You can still choose to remain nonpartisan and get your coffee in a regular 7-Eleven cup like always, but since it’s election season, why not show your support for your favorite candidate? You can also select a Romney cup or an Obama cup. 7-Eleven uses the coffee cup purchases to determine where voters stand in the election – as of last week the results showed Obama was favored 60% to Romney’s 40%.

Bliss’s “Eau-lection”


The popular spa brand Bliss has created limited edition body lotions inspired by the two presidential candidates. When you make a $50 purchase with Bliss, you can select one as your free gift of either “Obama Orange” or “Mint Romney” scented lotion. The Bliss polls show Obama is leading at 62% while Romney trails behind at 38%.

Busken Bakery’s “Government Bake Sale”


If you like cookies then this is the election poll for you! Busken Bakery of Cincinnati, Ohio, is selling cookies with Obama’s and Romney’s faces on them and as of last week, Obama cookies were up 56% while Romney cookies were close behind with 44%. Owner Dan Busken says that the poll is usually within 2% of the electoral vote results.

JetBlue’s “Election Protection”


Arguably the coolest poll on this list, airline JetBlue is offering voters what it calls “election protection” – you log in and take the poll, and 1006 (half of 2012) people who voted for the losing candidate will win airline tickets to another country.  Losing never felt so good! So far, Obama is leading JetBlue’s poll at 53% with Romney gaining on him at 47%.

What do you think of the results of these brand election polls?


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