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It’s funny how you can move into a house, get it all decorated the way you want, and for a while it’s perfect. You wouldn’t change a thing.

Then one day, you walk into a room and nothing’s right. Nothing works anymore. It all needs to change. You want a do-over, but you don’t want to break the bank, and you don’t want to harm the environment.

Not too long ago, finding green home building materials was a bit of a chore. You only had so many products to pick from, and the products that you could get were expensive. Building an eco-friendly home building was only possible if you had a small fortune set aside to do it.

But more and more home builders like Queensland granny flats builder began seeking out alternatives to traditional building supplies. They weren’t happy about the pricey, limited selection of green products. They wanted variety and affordability.

In a matter of a few years, the market for eco-friendly home building supplies increased dramatically. Now, it doesn’t matter what product you’re looking for: flooring, countertops, or siding, there are some great green options to choose from.

Whether you’re planning a major home makeover, like a kitchen upgrade, or you just want to throw a new coat of paint on the walls, there are tons of eco-friendly products to choose from. Here are 5 great green products to use in your next home renovation.

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Cork Flooring

Eco-Friendly Home Building Materials: Cork flooring, photo via
Cork flooring, photo via

Cork is harvested every 9 to 12 years from oak trees. Peeling the cork away doesn’t harm the tree, the tree just grows another layer. Cork is durable, shock-absorbing, and provides additional heat and noise insulation. Cork can be found in a variety of colors, and typically ranges in cost between $1.29 and $4.89 per square foot.

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