6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

You’ve already seen a Halloween light show done up Gangnam style–but that was just the start of the scary set-ups. We better start enjoying them now, too. We’ve already seen lots of homes taking down some howlingly good Halloween decorations in the face of Hurricane Sandy. Of course, there are great American Halloween Light Shows all over this great nation. Some of them have to still be standing. Let’s head into Halloween with a Sickly Six of haunting light designs that will definitely blow away any bad spirits.


1. Gangnam Style

We can’t help but mention Gangnam Style once again for its sheer awesomeness and nod to pop culture.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Singing pumpkin faces are always fun, and we don’t even mind that they’re rocking out to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’d be nice to hear something different, but there aren’t that many great Halloween musicals out there. The ones for kiddies are particularly irritating. You wouldn’t want to hear these lights bouncing around to the Halloweentown theme.

3. Monster Mash

Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash” hit the charts in 1962, 1970, and 1973–so it’s okay to think that maybe everybody’s sick of hearing the thing. On the other hand, this is the kind of light show that really makes it worth digging up the moldy old hit for another hearing. Besides, the song only ever really charted in December, August, and May. It deserves some October airings.

4. House Projection

Here’s a House Projection worthy of a major theme park. The big production also uses plenty of smart horror clips, too. We’re particularly impressed by the nod to the best scene in Disney’s unfairly-ignored The Princess and the Frog. That one needs to be rediscovered as a Halloween favorite.

5. Disney’s The Haunted Mansion

This one’s from 2011, but it deserves to be seen in 2012. Sadly, there isn’t going to be any new production this year. The lights weren’t shut down by Hurricane Sandy, though. They were shut down by the local Homeowner’s Association. That’s a shame, too, since this wild show puts a great new twist on Disney World’s legendary Haunted Mansion:

6. Call Me Maybe

And here’s the invitable “Call Me Maybe” horror house — you didn’t think that someone would let this summer’s massive hit go away this holiday season, did you?

Do you know any other amazing Halloween light shows to add to this list?

Featured photo credit: sandcastlematt via photopin cc

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