7 Coolest Tiny Homes

7 coolest tiny homes hobbit house wales

The size of homes in the United States has been dramatically increasing in the last few decades. In the 1970s, the average house size was 1,400 square feet, and as of 2009, the average was nearly double that at 2,700 square feet. While most people are building and moving to bigger and bigger houses, some have taken to the tiny house trend, living in customized compact houses that are the definition of cool and cozy. These 7 tiny homes have so much character that they’re bound to make owners of large houses everywhere jealous.


1. EPU House to Go by Jay Shafer (Tumbleweed Tiny House Company)


This petite home comes with a front porch, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom loft and a main room with a desk and fireplace. At only 8’ wide by 15’ long, this house truly is miniature but has tons of storage space. Because of its size, it doesn’t meet the standards to be built on a foundation so it’s on a trailer, making this a tiny house you can tow! Find out more here.

2. The Painted Lady Victorian Home (Tiny Texas Houses)



The Painted Lady is a Victorian inspired home that has a bright and colorful exterior and a beautiful wooden interior complete with stained glass windows. It is only 12′ by 26′ with front and back porches, a pull-out king sized Murphy bed (as well as a loft for another bed upstairs) and a full kitchen and bathroom. Find out more here.

3. One+ Modular Homes (Add-A-Room)


The One+ Home was designed by the Swedish company Add-A-Room and is made up of totally customizeable 15 square meter modules that can be added together. For example, you could have one module made with the kitchen and bathroom areas included, or you can have several modules made to fit together with different rooms. The choice is all yours. Find out more here.

4. Tiny Modern Tokyo House


This house is very modern with clean straight lines and all-white exterior. It’s only 450 square feet and has a built-in car port. See more here.

5. Hilde’s Cob Cabin (Cobworks)


Hilde’s Cob Cabin is made out of cob, a mixture of sand clay and straw, and is only 600 square feet with two floors and full electricity and plumbing. The interior is beautiful with a Southwestern feel to it and a beautiful staircase that leads to the loft upstairs. See more here.

6. Hobbit House in Wales by Simon Dale


Simon Dale made this house in Wales for only £3,000 with the help of friends and family. He used all natural materials and only a few tools. The result? A truly unique, beautiful home that has little impact on the environment and looks like it came straight off the set of Lord of the Rings. Find out more here.

7. Pigeonnier Birdhouse Guest House by Angèle Parlange


With the help of her brother, Angèle Parlange converted this oversized birdhouse for pigeons (called a pigeonnier) into a guest home for herself. It features a loft with built in bookshelves that used to hold pigeon’s nests, brick floors, and a lot of pink decor. This little house is definitely not for the birds. See more here.

These houses prove that good things come in small packages. Be warned though– these houses are definitely not for hoarders!

What are your favorite tiny houses?

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