7-Election: 7-Eleven’s Obama vs. Romney Coffee Cups

7-Eleven 7-Election Obama vs Romney Political Coffee CupsBarack Obama is currently leading Mitt Romney 16 points in the most misrepresented opinion poll in the United States: the 7-Election, a 7-Eleven and The Onion combined political promotion effort. According to the national chain’s sales, Obama has 58% of the national “vote” based on cup sales. Romney is leading in only 3 states: South Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia. With 15 states that aren’t participating in the national advertising campaign, it’s hard to imagine why Romney has fallen so far behind with coffee drinkers. (Ahem, the southern belt is missing.)

This isn’t the first time 7-Eleven has done this politically-themed promotion, and the last presidential election, their prediction based on coffee sales was actually accurate! So this year, the program has been expanded and has even included a CofFREE Day, in which everyone can stop by a participating 7-Eleven store from 6am-10pm on September 28 to get a free large coffee. You can RSVP to their Facebook event here.


The Onion produced the below-embedded video as a tie-in to 7-Election:

I have to admit, this is a smart way for the expanding convenience store chain to make themselves relevant to the biggest long-term news item of the year. Though I’m not sure I want to get political with my morning cup of joe. My Facebook newsfeed is doing enough of that.

Are you getting your hot cup of Democracy for 7-Election’s CofFREE Day?

 Found via AdWeek.

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