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9 Home Adjustments to Beat Your Winter Heating Bill

It is now officially coat weather. The pros: hot cocoa, rosy cheeks, an extra hour of sleep. The cons: it’s cold. Turning the thermostat to a toasty temperature is easy enough, but keeping your house warm – and the electric bill low – is tricky, whether you live in southern Connecticut or northern California. Here’s a handy list of minor home adjustments that will have major benefits.

1. Rugs, rugs, rugs

This is a 2-in-1 savings boost – not only do large rugs prevent cold air from sneaking into your living space, they’re a great design element that can complete a room’s decor. Thickly woven cotton rugs are a good bet – their heft will insulate your room well. Shag rugs, if you can find a good one on the cheap (make sure it’s new – don’t play host to the previous owner’s dust mites/bacteria), are a smart mod addition. Either way, pick a colorful one – just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean your interior has to be.

A tangerine-hued shag rug adds a complementary note of color, and is the perfect texture for warmth during the winter.
via Lance Cardinal
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