Ad of the Day: Health Net Billboard Features Fake Tweet

healthnet billboard fake tweet

Today’s Ad of the Day is a perfect example of an ad you shouldn’t create. It seems that people to pay attention to other people’s mistakes, because Health Net has been hailed in the advertising sphere as the bumbling idiot of the day for using a fake tweet testimonial by @Biz_guy1 on their billboard which was seen in Portland, Oregon.


Let’s start with the Twitter account. Protected account, zero tweets, zero followers. Fake? I think so.

And the tweet on the billboard. The tweet, “Affordable, fits my biz needs – smart health plan #healthnetcares,” reads even more awkwardly than Facebook posts from people who still think that tYp1Ng l1k3 Th15 15 C001.

#healthnetcares? I think not. (via)

Any comments on this Health Net billboard campaign?

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