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Pssst! Hey, could you step out of your blanket fort for a minute? We want to show you something. We figured that you’d want to know that even though you’re an adult now, you don’t have to be in denial about it. There are a ton of childhood activities that you can continue to enjoy even though you’re grown. Like what? Like coloring!

Who are we kidding? Coloring is the best! And whether you prefer colored pencils or crayons, you’ll love staying inside the lines of these adult coloring books from Etsy.

Travel Coloring Book, $9.55 PacePaintings

adult coloring books via etsyFor all of you roaming vagabonds, there’s this travel coloring book! Color Brazil, Ireland, Costa Rica, and more. Perfect for keeping yourself busy on those long flights or car trips.

Organic Flora, $18.32 SeraphymArt

adult coloring books via etsyIf flowers and plants speak to your soul, check out this Organic Flora coloring book. It’s got sixteen pages of hand drawn designs for lots of nature-inspired coloring fun.

Enchanted Forest Book, $9.95 thecottageneedle

adult coloring books via etsyIf you left the nest and moved to another state, but you want to ensure that your parents have a steady supply of neatly colored coloring pages, you’re in luck. This Enchanted Forest book is comprised of 20 detachable postcards, so you can send your art to anyone!

Secret Paris Book, $15.99 Ephemeratta

adult coloring books via etsyWhat’s so secret about Paris, you say? Well, you’ll have to get yourself one of these Secret Paris coloring books to find out! Immerse yourself in Parisian culture, and wind down after a stressful day, with this coloring book inspired by the City of Light.

Animal Kingdom Book, $14.95 Ephemeratta

adult coloring books via etsyColor the Animal Kingdom your way. Enjoy coloring elephants, dragonflies, birds, and a lot of other critters. Each page has rich, interwoven lines that look amazing when they’re colored in!

You’re Weird Book, $15 TheDapperJackalope

adult coloring books via etsyOh, who wants to be normal anyway? This You’re Weird coloring book has every strange thing you could ever hope for: over 100 quirky and adorable monsters to color. Stay Strange!

Living Wonders Book, $5.49 farmersattic

adult coloring books via etsyThese lovely animal-themed patterned coloring pages are perfect for coloring in on a rainy day! There are lots of animals to choose from, including dogs, horses, turtles, and bears. And they’re so darn pretty, you might just want to frame them!

Zen Doodle Coloring Book, $14.50 KaysCraftSupplies

adult coloring books via etsyThis Zen Doodle coloring book was designed for extreme relaxation! It’s got more than 100 pages of fun, with designs like geometric shapes, flora and fauna, letterforms, and more!

Our Patterned World Book, $12.67 TheTangledPeacock

adult coloring books via etsyStretch out on the floor and begin the relaxation process by doodling in this lovely coloring book. Explore Our Patterned World. It’s got 84 pages for you to color, each with a beautiful outdoor-inspired design.

Reach for the Stars Book, $12 Meluseimaena

adult coloring books via etsyDon’t ever lose those stars in your eyes, you special cinnamon roll, you. Keep on dreaming, and don’t be afraid to imagine the fantastical with this Reach for the Stars coloring book. It will definitely bring some much-needed whimsy into your life.

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