Multi-Functional Sofa for Urban Spaces by Fanny Adam

Fanny Adam, a student at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) in France, has created an object to solve the problem of many urban dwellers: lack of space in your city apartment. Using Elegant Oak from the Formica Woods range for her final project, she designed an all-in-one sofa that easily transforms into a bed with additional under-bed storage, with armrests that turn into useful headboard when converted into the bed. It even includes a table which allows for an additional dining space and workstation.

Her choice in material was not by accident. Formica laminate is an ideal material for furniture making: it’s durable, resistant to heat and scratches and is incredibly low maintenance. Fanny added:

Formica laminate also offers an incredible choice of colours and finishes and I felt this was an important part of the design. I wanted the sofa to be not only practical, but also on-trend.

This piece of furniture has the potential to become an indispensable part of any small household, offering a unique way to turn one space into a haven where you can work, relax, eat, and sleep.

Multi-Functional Sofa for Urban Spaces by Fanny Adam

Multi-Functional Sofa for Urban Spaces by Fanny Adam

Would you buy this all-in-one sofa?

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  1. I once lived in a mobile home and was always keeping a lookout for furniture pieces that could pull double or triple duty… This one certainly fills the bill!!


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