amanda jones dog years

amanda jones dog yearsFred: 2 & 10 years old

If you’re a dog lover, be prepared for this post to tug (or pug) at your heartstrings. In her fifth book featuring her dog photography, Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now, Amanda Jones takes a look back at some of her canine photo subjects after many years of first photographing them as young pups. Now as experienced elders, her touching black and white photographs portray each dog over a lifetime.

Inspired by the sixteen wonderful years she spent with her long-haired Dachshund, Lily, who remained a steadfast companion through cross-country moves, home buying, and the arrival of a baby, Jones wanted to highlight the journey of other dogs she’d photographed earlier in her career. After Lily passed away, Jones revisited all of the portraits she’d taken of her over the years, and was struck by the visual quirks her faithful companion displayed from youth to old age.

“She had this funny way about her when she posed for me,” Jones said in a Fast Company article. “She would always sit the exact same way on the set and just look at me. When I put the images together in a sequence, it was very visually striking and interesting to me. It started me thinking…what other dogs could we do this kind of side-by-side comparison with?”

Her book showcases the stories and personalities of 30 dogs she’d previously photographed as goofy puppies, portraying each at young and old stages in life. Through both the “then and now” photographs and the owners’ heartfelt tributes, each reveals the unique personality and spirit of the lifelong companionships to outside observers. Dog Years is a beautiful and intimate documentation of the experiences we have as humans with dogs as faithful friends by our sides.  

While many of the images demonstrate how the dogs have changed physically, they still showcase how they’ve quintessentially remained the same in their expressiveness and personalities over time.

Lily: 8 months & 15 years old

Audrey: 3 & 12 years old

Abigale: 4 months & 8 years

Watch a video for Dog Years below:

All images by Amanda Jones courtesy of Chronicle Books

A leader in the field of dog portrait photography, Jones’ work has been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, in addition to the pages of books and magazine covers. This poignant collection of photographs reminds us that life is truly better with a loyal canine by your side. You can find more about the book here, and follow Amanda Jones via her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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