Shake Shack Madison Square Park

Shake Shack Madison Square Park(Photo via ShakeShack)

How exciting it is to have Shake Shack as one of the building for the Archtober, the third annual month-long festival of Architecture in New York? Mixing food with leisure and architecture… hmm, sounds great!

Shake Shack was born from a hot dog cart at Madison Square Park. After a summer of success and multiple lines formed in 2001, they decided to re-open for two more summers. In 2004, a permanent kiosk was opened in the park. Since then, Shake Shack has been a tremendous success and has exceeded expectations. During the summer when the weather is pleasant, the wait in line can reach up to an hour. But it’s definitely worth the wait!

Did you know? It’s possible to check how big the lines are through a camera on their website.

Shake Shack Madison Square Park(Photo via NYC Mag)

Shake Shack Madison Square Park(Photo via joedoakes)

ShakeShack-Burger(Photo via Food Republic)

The shack is located at the corner of 23rd St and Broadway. It was designed by the architecture firm SITE (Sculpture in the Environment) Environmental Design. The Shack is 500 square ft and cost about $750,000 to construct. The concept was to combine elements of the surrounding communities. The triangular shapes and angles of Shake Shack are a tribute to the neighboring Flatiron building. The profusion of vegetation makes the Shack a part of the park like a miniature garden itself.

Shake Shack Madison Square Garden(Photo via Archidose)

Shake Shack not only makes people happy by serving delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries and milk shakes but it also benefits the park since a portion of each purchase goes to park maintenance and programs. Shake Shack definitely holds a place in many people’s hearts. No wonder it got so famous!

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Who’s ready for a Shake Shack burger?



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