Amidst the chaos of shoppers, Stella 34 Trattoria is a new high-end restaurant designed by Studio V Architecture. Chosen as the building of the day (Day 2) for the Archtober, the third annual month-long festival of Architecture in New York City, Stella 34 is located on the sixth floor of iconic Macy’s Herald Square, and it’s an undiscovered gem for locals and a pleasant surprise for tourists shoppers.

Stella 34 Trattoria Macys NYC - Archtober (4)

Stella 34 Trattoria Macys NYC - Archtober (6)

With a simple and contemporary design, a 240-foot curved marble and stainless steel bar, all-white décor and floor to ceiling windows, Stella 34 is the combination of beautiful ambiance and a gorgeous view of the Empire State building, not to mention the splendid menu.

The restaurant has a gelateria, a prosecco bar, wood-burning ovens, a private room and a wine cellar. It’s also possible to see chefs preparing dishes from a dinning bar.The three wood-burning ovens are named after volcanoes of Etna, Stromboli, and Versuvius. The stainless steel panel above the ovens has laser-cut graphic representing the volcanoes.

Stella 34 Trattoria Macys NYC - Archtober (1)

Combining sophistication with traditional Italian cuisine, Stella 34 Trattoria is the perfect option not only when you spend hours shopping at Macys but also to get away to eat and relax in a sexy and sleek atmosphere. The place also has has smiling waiters and great service.

Facing Broadway, the place has its own elevator in the oldest part of the Macy’s building. Herald Square will never be the same. Great place, great food, great view, great atmosphere, great service. It doesn’t get much better, right?


Isn’t this restaurant a pleasant surprise?

Photos via Archrecord



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