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Step aside Barbie. We’re so over you. Ever since we found out that Etsy sellers have broken the mold, and created their own selection of dolls, we don’t need you anymore. Don’t let the plastic door of your Dream House hit you on your way out.

Art dolls are one of a kind. Some you can play with, some you can squeeze when you’re feeling down, and some just look pretty sitting up on a shelf. Whatever these art dolls were made for, they certainly look good doing it.

Tattooed Sailor Doll, $180 ohbAbyseattle

art dolls via etsy round upThis tattooed sailor doll knows a thing or two about a thing or two. She’s sailed the high seas and lived to tell the tale. She’s a colorful and sweet companion that every landlubber needs.

Ceramic Art Doll, $33.16 YellowTreeStore

art dolls via etsy round upBisque dolls like this one are dainty and delicate, and they make great artistic statements. This pretty doll is an eye-catching piece, and has been designed to sit on your shelf with your other favorite things.

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Masked Bandit Doll, $19 KukloFerma

art dolls via etsy round upThis masked kitty bandit is pocket-sized, so you can take it anywhere. And why wouldn’t you? The only thing criminal about this doll is how cute it is.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Peg Dolls, $70 JordanAndCo

art dolls via etsy round upWooden pegs were destined to become art dolls, and we have to think these wooden pegs are pretty satisfied with who they’ve become. Fairy tale- and Disney-lovers alike will enjoy this Snow White and the Seven Dwarves set.

Decorative Rag Doll, $85+ lazyncrazy

pho1This hip little doll is poseable, so it can look like it’s ready to rock’n’roll at all times. Which is a nice feature to have in an art doll.

Hand Painted Ceramic Japanese Doll, $45 liatreshef

art dolls via etsy round upIf you want an art doll that is the embodiment of the word “serenity” this is it. We dare you to look at this cute ceramic doll and not feel calm.

She’s Got Style Heirloom Art Doll, $89 AliaGraceDolls

art dolls via etsy round upThis chic heirloom doll is ready to be hugged for years to come. She’s also ready to walk the runway, because, yes, she has got it going on.

Deer Art Doll, $260 DoubleFoxStudio

art dolls via etsy round upThese deer art dolls have so many things going at once, they’re a feast for the eyes. This is mixed media at its finest.

Painted Matryoshka Dolls, $57.02 evArtsalon

art dolls via etsy round upWe would have been satisfied with just one big, painted Matryoshka doll, but then to find that it opens, and there’s another, and another, and another, and another? Sure, we know that’s how Matryoshka dolls work, but it’s still be a fun surprise.

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Panda Rag Doll, $109 wildflowerdreamdolls

art dolls via etsy round upThis huggable blushing panda doll is absolutely precious. We won’t judge you if you take it with you wherever you go.

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What are your thoughts on art dolls? Would you collect them?




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