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art in island 3d art museumWhile art museums around the world often prohibit visitors from photographing and touching exhibits, and are even banning selfie sticks, an art museum in the Philippines encourages its visitors to interact with art. In fact, a day at Art in Island would be useless without a camera.

Located in suburban Quezon city north of Manila (in a former bus station), the interactive art museum is breaking the divide between the art and viewers. Museum-goers become the center of the 3D exhibits, such as floor paintings, portraits with decorative elements that burst out of the canvas, and entire immersive rooms where you have to wear slippers to avoid scuffing the floors.

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art in island 3d art museum

art in island 3d art museum

art in island 3d art museum

art in island 3d art museum

art in island 3d art museumFilipino families and tourists alike can let out their goofy side and interact with the paintings in fun ways. There are more than 200 paintings to engage with—many of which give the illusion of depth when viewed from a certain angle. Designed by a team of 18 Korean master painters flown in for the project, the Thomas Kinkade-esque works of art serve as backdrops for photo ops. For example, museum attendees are encouraged to participate by climbing into paintings to take photos.

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“Here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don’t take pictures with them,” explained corporate secretary Blyth Cambaya to Mashable.

Watch Mashable’s video here:

The Philippines, recently deemed the selfie capital of the world, is the perfect place for a museum, which opened in December 2014, interested in engaging visitors with photography and social media. While admission is 500 php for an adult (around $11), Art in Island is attracting visitors through a social media campaign, which gives those who change their profile picture to the museum logo a 50% discount. Discover more about the museum via their Facebook page.

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Photos via Art in Island; Video via Mashable



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