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Attic Lighting Ideas

Attic Light Fixture Solutions – Finished & Unfinished

An attic is a part of a house that is usually largely forgotten by lots of people. While it seems normal for people to forget what about the existence of an attic, some others use it for various purposes. You can transform your attic into any room you want and to do this, lighting will have to be given a lot of consideration. 

There are various attic lighting ideas. These ideas come in handy for different needs. So, regardless of what you are trying to do with your attic, you will find a suitable lighting idea in this article.

Lighting the Attic like a Home Theatre

Not everyone enjoys watching movies. Nonetheless, a good number of people enjoy heading to the cinema to see their favorite movie. While going to the cinema to see a movie is associated with a lot of fun, you might have to deal with various attitudes that you just might not be comfortable with.

To light up your attic like a home cinema, you will need ambiance lighting. Furthermore, you can position lamps close to the chairs. That’s not all, you should also use recessed lighting.

Beyond the types of lighting you make use of when trying to make your attic look like a cinema, always bear in mind that lots of these lights are controllable. You simply need a remote control to get them dim whenever you want. That’s not all. When using in-floor lights, you must avoid using those lights that cause a great deal of heat.

Lighting the Attic like a Master Bedroom

When you are looking to make your attic look like a master bedroom, you do not have to put in very bright lights. To achieve an amazing look, you should combine ceiling features and gorgeous lamps.

If your attic is small, all you will need is a single light source. However, if it is not extremely small, one light source just will not be enough. If you are looking to spend some time reading in bed, a combination of mood lighting and floor lamps will be great. Furthermore, if you do not have ample space in the attic, you can substitute bedside lights for pendant lights.

Light up Your Attic like a Reading Room

An attic was not designed to be a reading room. You, however, can convert it to a reading room. Since natural lights are the best for reading, when lighting up your attic like a reading room, you should make use of natural lights. Natural lights are good for the mood and the eyes. 

In addition to lighting up your attic with natural lights, you can take advantage of pendant lighting. Pendant lighting is flexible and can also provide you with a direct source of light. This is because pendant lights hang from the ceiling. In addition to being a source of light, pendant lights can also make an attic look great because of their amazing design.

One other source of light you can use when lighting up your attic like a reading room is desk and table lamps. Although they come after pendant lighting in this article, table and desk lamps are the first type of lighting that should come to your mind when lighting your attic up like a reading room. Table lamps make reading in the attic very easy. That is, however, not all they can do. They can also make your attic look a lot better as they have an elegant appearance.

Still on lighting your attic like a reading room. If your attic is small and does not make room available for a reading table, you will need to light it up with wall-mounted lamps. This way, you will not need to strain when reading in bed. A wall-mounted lamp can be installed on the wall or headboard. This feature can be adjusted very easily. This is in addition to the fact that light can come from different directions.

Light up Your Attic like a Fireplace

When looking to light up your attic like a fireplace, there are various types of light you can use. Some of these lightings are can lights, eyeball lights, pendants, sconces, backlighting, carriage lights, tape lighting, etc. While these various types of lightings are good, you will need to consider the size of your attic before choosing any type of light.

Light up Your Attic like a Bathroom

A bathroom is a part of the house that is used very frequently.  It is also a place that is known to be dimly lighted. The implication of this is when lighting up your attic like a bathroom, you do not need very bright lights.

Some lights that will be suitable for lighting your attic like a bathroom are fabric sconces, three-prong chandelier, traditional sconce, and farmhouse bathroom lights.

You can light it up like a Studio

Music studios are associated with long hours of work. This reason for this is quite obvious; making music can take a fairly long period. When lighting your attic up the same way a studio should be lit, you will need lots of LEDs. The reason for this is LEDs do not give out heat. You, therefore, will not have to worry about the atmosphere in the attic getting hot after a short while.

Light it up like a Guest Room

Guest rooms are supposed to be warm so whatever guest you are hosting will feel most comfortable. To create a welcoming atmosphere for a visitor, you will need the right lightings. If you are looking to light up your attic like a guest room, you will need the same lights you use in making your guest room warm.

While the attic should not be made too bright, it must be well lit. This way, no one will run into a stationary object when they are trying to find their way around. Two types of lighting that will come in handy when trying to light your attic like a guest room are ceiling lighting and bedside lightings

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