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Fourth of July weekend is coming up at a rapid pace and we just want you to be prepared. While many of you will surely stay home and go to a few BBQ parties or maybe head on a nature retreat of sorts, we are even more sure that a large portion of you will head to the beach.

The beach has got it all. Surf, sand, fun, but we just want you to be prepared.  Sometimes it feels like we’re all just rushing at the last minute to gather our beach needs and head on our merry way. This time, don’t rush it and prepare. This way, you’ll never forget a thing again! Here are 11 beach essentials we’re dying to take with us on our beach getaways!

1. Beach Tent via Lovin’ Summer $169

beach essentials

This tent is no hassle to set up and so much cooler to sit under than an umbrella. Shade yourself from the stinging rays of the sun with this fun contraption that comes in quite a few prints!

2. Totême Beach Towel via Net-A-Porter $145

beach essentials

A beach towel is essential and you certainly cannot bring just any bath towel with you. You will need something big and off greater quality. This totem beach towel will have you covered – literally.

3. Monogrammed Cooler Bags via Etsy $16.95

beach essentials

For all the snacks you may bring, these monogrammed and customizable cooler bags are perfect. Just need a tote? Try the DIY at the top of the page!

4. Beach Blanket via Land’s End $89

beach essentials

You’ve got a beach towel and now you need a beach blanket to lie on! We love this one’s large size and print.

5. Collapsable Pail via Uncommon Goods $15

beach essentials

Even as an adult, you cannot deny that it’s still epic fun to play in the sand. This collapsable pail requires less room and is more convenient!

6.To Go Ware Repeat Utensil Set via REI $12.95

beach essentials

Dining al fresco? Make sure you’ve got a good set of travel utensils that you can reuse!

7. Beach Plates via Zazzle $1.60/pp

beach essentials

Paper plates are a great idea because they will weight less in your beach bag but (obviously) be just as efficient. You could get a generic print or you could have fun with it and get these.

8. Bocce Ball Set via Williams Sonoma $41.97

beach essentials

Wading by the shore and building castles is cool, but make your beach outing that much more fun with this stellar bocce set. If you don’t know how to play bocce, don’t worry. We promise you and all your friends will love it!

9. Folding Lounge Chairs via Ballard Designs $229

beach essentials

Folding lounge chairs are essential for when you have had just about enough of the sand getting in odd places…. And for getting that perfect tan, of course.

10. Sunnylife Underwater Camera via American Eagle $20

beach essentials

You’ll want to post those candid snorkeling  pics later on your instagram, right?

11. Floaties! via Bonanza $59.98

beach essentials

Finally: Floaties! Ok, this one may be cheesy but HOW FUN does it look? Amirite? Of course I am.

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What are some beach essentials you always bring with you?



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