NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Living Room

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Book Cabinet

When your shoe box of an apartment maxes out at 240 square feet, it takes a lot of work to transform it into a space you’d be willing to spend all your time in. But when your studio is best described as being “in dismal shape,” you know it’s time for a renovation. Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman was in charge of this NYC studio renovation, transforming the cramped space with one solution: a crafted jewel box.

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Living Room

The jewel box transformed one cramped space into multiple rooms, making use of the high ceilings to create a loft bedroom atop a kitchen and bathroom – and still leaving space for a living room. Seggerman even ingeniously added a “library” for his anthropologist client, which is really just a glorified cubby adjacent to the loft bed.

And what is really special about this newly renovated brownstone studio is that the finished product is the pinnacle of fine carpentry. According to writer Mark Lamster on Dwell:

The entire apartment is a master class in finish carpentry: There are cabinets of cypress and bamboo; a gently chamfered ash-and-beech staircase; flooring of quartered white oak; a desk of red birch slats that slips out into the living space. The lighting in the loft, much of it recessed behind panels of papyrus, lends the space a subtlety that doubles the sense of warmth.

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Bathroom

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Bedroom

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Kitchen

NYC Tiny Studio Renovation Washing Machine

What are your thoughts on this NYC studio renovation?

(all photos by David Engelhardt for Dwell)



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