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It’s Friday! This means that you’re either SUPER excited to go home and get in your bed and not arise until Monday OR you’re going to party it up all weekend long.

If you’re like me and will probably be doing the former while eating snacks, here are 12 bedrooms we would rather be napping in right about… now.

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For those of you seeking a luxe finish, this bedroom is perfect. The busy wallpaper, rich textures, grandiose   bedding and sparkly chandelier is calling every girly girl’s name.

For a slightly more rustic vibe, these wooden accents can really warm up the place.

Talk about eclectic! These seemingly difficult-to-pair bedroom pieces work really well together to create something a little off the beaten path.

For your beachside getaway, these chic accents are as cool as the ocean breeze.

Having a hard time deciding on a vibe for your bedroom oasis? Choose one bright color and run with it!

This room really caught our eye thanks to its subtle pops of color. Mostly covered in neutrals and subdued tones, even just one foreign texture or color is enough.

We love the idea of other cultures influencing our own home’s interior design. This installation takes cues from Middle Eastern architecture.

You might not think this looks like much, but there’s something eye catching about pure whites and rustic wood…. not to mention that combination of textures – wood and fur!

Cramped for space?  Elevate your bed for something totally cool and modular.

Isn’t this opulence at its finest?

Looking to create a bedroom space for a kid or teen? Chalkboard walls are surely something that all age groups could enjoy – and hassle-free.

For something that REALLY pops, try pairing complimentary colors together. The blue bed and orange chair are pulled together by the busy orange and blue wallpaper. This is a great room for a younger individual… or just someone who is young at heart!

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Which of these images of bedroom inspiration do you like the most?




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