5 Smartphone Apps for Budget Conscious Travelers

Whether it’s scoring last-minute hotel deals, hunting down free Wi-Fi hotspots, navigating public transit, or simply keeping track of your travel details (and, yes, all those expenses), smartphone apps can seriously be a great help for globetrotters. Keep costs down on your next big trip with these 5 apps for travelers on a budget!

HotelTonight (Free for iOS and Android)

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Do you like getting amazing deals at top-rated hotels? We sure do. If you don’t mind waiting until the last minute to book your place for the night (because not knowing whether you’ll be homeless or not in a strange city can be exhilarating, right?), this app can get you deeply discounted rooms in 5-star hotels in just about every major city around the globe. Available hotel rooms are announced in a daily digest at noon local time. They even just released a feature in the latest app update that offers a second night even cheaper than the first.

TripIt (Free for iOS and Android)

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Storing all your itinerary details in your email inbox as you book flights, hotels, and car rentals, make restaurant reservations, and purchase tickets to museums and shows isn’t the easiest way to manage your travel plans. This app keeps everything in one place by generating an automatic itinerary when you forward all those emails to the app. It’ll be even easier to find things when you’re frantically trying to pull up details on a whim, and the app will even notify you of flight delays or gate changes.

MetrO (Free for iOS)

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It can be tempting to hop into a cab when you don’t know your way around a foreign city, but that can definitely take a toll on your budget. Skip the expensive cab rides and navigate the mass transit systems in over 400 cities around the world with this app. For those of us not willing to shell out the extra funds to upgrade our cell service, you won’t even need a network connection to make the most of this app to help you navigate the trains, trams, buses, and subways. Just make sure you install the city you’re visiting ahead of time… or see our next app for securing a free Wi-Fi connection nearby.

Wi-Fi Finder (Free for iOS and Android)

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Avoid blowing your budget on the hotel’s annoyingly expensive Wi-Fi (why are some places still not free?!) or data overages with this handy app, which lets you locate the nearest spot for finding a free wireless connection instantly.

Trail Wallet (Free for iOS)

best travel appsPhoto via Trail Wallet

Keep tabs on expenses throughout your journey (that dinner in London cost how much??) to make sure you’ll get to the end of your trip without having to spend an extra night in the airport before heading home. With its user-friendly interface, this app ensures you’ll stay on-budget by tracking your daily expenses. You’ll just have to make sure you input all the info….

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