Best Websites to Learn Design

A lot of subjects you can study today will make you a whole lot of money. In the modern times, there are specific subjects that will lead you to a good, well-paying job. This is simply because the demand for that service is so high as it is so popular. One of those subjects is design. Throughout human history, Design has been a sought-after skill because we always need the buildings we work in and the homes we have to be stable and structurally sound. Unfortunately a lot of the time, design students feel that their classes don’t delve far enough into what it takes to learn design. But the good news from this is that there are plenty of websites on which a person can learn a whole lot about design. Visit these following sites if you want to learn a lot more about design and increase your opportunities later on in life. It’s a great thing to learn, and these are great websites to learn it from.



The Open Online Academy is a great resource for learning about architecture and design. A platform similar to Edx, offers a more selective range of courses relating specifically to architecture, art, and design. What’s great about this is that it provides trusted online resources. Dr. Ivan Shumkov, the website’s founder and one of its educators, is a New York based architect, curator, and professor. He has taught at Harvard GSD, the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture, and Parsons The New School for Design – just to name a few. So far, Open Online Academy offers six courses, two of which are described below. Be sure to keep an eye out for when the platform expands in the fall to offer additional courses concerning leadership, negotiation, and management. It is a great site with an eclectic range of resources that can really help you to start to learn about design in a big way. It will no doubt help you in the future, no matter what types of essay you get stuck with! A great aspect of this particular site is that it has a particular focus on contemporary architecture, you can study design from the 1990’s onwards.


You probably know a lot about EdX already, and that is for good reason! It is a non-profit organization funded by Harvard and MIT. What is great about EdX is that the experience is particularly customizable, you can choose how much you want to do. Another amazing aspect is the excellent peer-to-peer support you can access, a great social tool that enables you to share your experience with many others all over the world. The architecture course that EdX has also had a particular focus on the Architecture of Asia but they also pull the focus to more general areas. You know that you can definitely trust the resources on EdX as it is a really reputable source of educational resources and courses as well. One thing for sure, you won’t need any help from PapersOwl or sites like that after visiting EdX. They provide an amazing experience in terms of online design education and their course is incredibly interesting and offers students an amazing insight into a world of architecture they might not be subject too otherwise.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Architecture 

Want a more MIT-centric experience than EdX? Well, you are in luck, MIT opened OpenCourseWare in 2003 which is their very own online course space. They have over 100 undergraduate courses in their Architecture section alone, so you know that you’ll find something to suit your needs specifically, you can also access and download expressive and intellectual lecture notes, ensuring that you get as much support as possible.

Design is always going to be an amazing subject to study. As a human race, we always need people studying and learning about design and architecture in order for us to improve those spaces that we use for work, relaxation, play, and leisure. It is such a fantastic subject and often you can feel that you aren’t getting enough exposure to great courses and resources in your average University or College sessions. Well, this list will definitely help, here we have 3 amazing online resources listed that will no doubt give you that little bit extra you were looking for. This will allow you to get a really in-depth knowledge of Design and help you to push yourself when it comes to learning about this subject.

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