Are SeaScape Villas the Next Era of Seaside Eco-Luxury?

bmt asia pacific seascape villasCould Asian firm BMT Asia Pacific change how people live with their standalone SeaScape villas?

With the ability to incorporate add-on structures and reduce your carbon footprint, the luxury suites float like pontoons and offer bedrooms submerged underwater, giving gorgeous 360-degree aquarium views for occupants. We’re thinking this is a game-changing way to exist in the sheltered bay of some tropical island.


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While a simple, single 700 sq ft unit can be enjoyed, each SeaScape villa can be expanded with customizable add-on units, such as a sun deck or covered pool, to span up to 1,800 sq ft in floor space. As a result, the triangular floating village can be part of a larger, integrated complex, producing a number of possible arrangements. Even a two floor version of the villa is available to accommodate families. Built with marine-grade aluminum and fiberglass, the pre-fabricated modular units can be easily disassembled and transported cost-effectively in a standard shipping container.

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bmt asia pacific seascape villasbmt asia pacific seascape villasAt the center of the SeaScape’s living experience is its underwater bedroom. Adding a unique resort experience, BMT Asia Pacific has envisioned a 4m-diameter high-grade acrylic cylindrical room located at the center of the home, which would drop into the ocean to give inhabitants 360-degree views of underwater wildlife.

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bmt asia pacific seascape villasPhotos courtesy of BMT Asia Pacific

While the SeaScape villa concept wasn’t originally designed with eco-efficient intentions, there are a number of notable eco-friendly features due to off-shore living practicalities.

“While we haven’t specifically focused on green features in the design a number of them are intrinsic to a waterside location – improved natural ventilation from sea breezes, temperature moderation through the hull from seawater. However developers/owners have the opportunity to install solar panels etc. to supplement the small genset [diesel and electric generator] and as the roof area increases this may become a significant contribution to the total power load,” a company representative told Gizmag.

Offering virtually endless possibilities, whether beachside or just offshore, the SeaScape villas can be rapidly installed, and their impact on their surroundings is minimal. BMT Asia Pacific is currently seeking a commission to make the SeaScape villa concept a reality.

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