bon george  online shopWith the push to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re starting to see a shift in the way designers approach fashion in addition to the changing landscape for the food and transportation industries. Consumers are now moving away from “fast fashion” and investing in more meaningful, socially conscious clothing, which is why designers Jennifer Vu and Lucy Alvarez launched their online clothing label, Bon George.

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bon george  online shopBusinesses that are more eco-conscious and transparent in their process of production and delivery are valued when it comes to the products we consume. Every piece of the L.A.-based retailer’s online collection is uniquely crafted from locally sourced vintage textiles. The limited-edition garments give new life to salvaged fabric as well as minimize the e-commerce destination’s carbon footprint.

bon george  online shopThe ethically-made dresses, skirts, and tops are all timeless, feminine, and refined. From crop tops paired with silhouetted skirts to cute, simple dresses in bold patterns, Bon George’s designs are modern and fun, but still clothes you can keep for years. Inspired by other entrepreneurs and creative types in L.A., the site also spotlights the growing community of eco-conscious jewelers, bloggers, photographers, and other local artisans and designers in their favorite Bon George styles. The interviews with the various local creatives highlight their their thoughts on fashion, craft, and meaningful design in their everyday lifestyles.


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bon george  online shopPhotos via Bon George

In addition to stocking up on the store’s unique pieces, we can support Bon George’s mission by choosing to shop for products from other businesses focused on socially and environmentally conscious practices, such as other clothing designers using eco-friendly textiles, recycled materials, and new-age manufacturing methods.

If being part of the movement entails looking incredibly chic, why not?

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What do you think of these upcycled clothes?


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