book sculptures via etsy

Books are perfect for spending a rainy day with. They exercise your imagination and open up a whole new world. But who knew that they could be turned into fantastic sculptures too?

Etsy sellers never cease to amaze! These whimsical book sculptures are just the thing you need to embellish your fancy library, or home office.

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Fairytale Castle, $598.54 MalenaValcarcel

book sculptures via etsyThis fairytale-inspired sculpture might just be the only castle you ever own. But you know what? That’s okay, because it’s pretty awesome!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, $550 WetCanvasArt

book sculptures via etsyEverybody loves a party! This sculpture depicts one of the most famous scenes from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Practical Home Handyman, $96.09 NoBookEndsUK

pho1This book sculpture proves that home repair is, in fact, artistic. This is the perfect sculpture for any book-loving handyman. Or, you know, anyone else who likes it.

Shakespeare’s Stories, $200 Raidersofthelostart

book sculptures via etsyAnother pretty piece of art, this book sculpture was made from an antique book, Tales from Shakespeare. This romantic sculpture is perfect for every fan of the Bard.

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Treasure Island, $280 jamiebhannigan

book sculptures via etsySail away on the hand-cut seas of the pages of Treasure Island! What a great way to follow the antics of Jim Hawkins. We could see this in a home office, library space or study!

Peter Pan, $136.13 WordsInk

book sculpturesNever grow up with this imaginative Peter Pan sculpture, featuring the mischievous boy himself, as well as a ticking crocodile, and a wicked-looking Captain Hook!

Waves Sculpture, $40 GoldenOwlArts

book sculptures via etsyThis artist turned a discarded book into an aesthetically pleasing sea of words. Each page has been shaped into a crashing wave, and it looks really neat. Doesn’t it remind you of a blooming centerpiece?

To Kill a Mockingbird, $600 BklynBerny62

book sculptures via etsyThere are so many great things going on with this sculpture. The pocket watch, the tree hole, the titled Mockingbird, and, of course, the elusive Boo Radley. We love it.

The Thinker, $480 Kenjio

book sculptures via etsyThis book sculpture is unlike the other for two reasons: One, it has a little clay guy thinking about stuff he’s learned from books. And, two, this is a sculpture that you can hang on the wall. All in all, pretty cool.

Bob and Judy Flower Sculpture, $55 HaleyAdair

book sculptures via etsyVintage children’s books are so cute, and this edition of Bob and Judy is no exception. This vibrant flower book sculpture is so pretty, we never want to stop looking at it. It’s a perfect addition to any children’s room.

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What are your thoughts on book sculptures? Love ’em or hate ’em?




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