Breaking Bad Cup Portraits by Cheeming Boey

Even the the season finale was a few weeks ago, Breaking Bad is still topping my newsfeed as the most talked about TV show ever. People are such big fans of the critically acclaimed AMC drama that artists like Cheeming Boey, or better known as Boy Obselete on Flickr, have paid their own creative homage to the show. Cheeming used a stippling technique to create portraits of the show’s most iconic characters.


The most impressive part of his work is that he doesn’t sketch a single thing before starting his cup art masterpieces — it’s all freehand!

All photos © Cheeming Boey.

If he messes up his illustration, he has to start from scratch. That’s quite risky for even the most seasoned artists, in my opinion, but it makes his work all the more cool! You can check out his work process in this video:


What do you think of these Breaking Bad cup portraits?

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