It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the countdown to Christmas is on. While you should probably just sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season, if you’re like us, you’re actually dividing your time into equal parts wondering how the year went by so fast, and panicking about Christmas preparations.

Like always, we’re here to help. Stay ahead of the game, and support small business, by purchasing your Christmas cards early from one of these Etsy sellers.

Woodland Creature Assorted Christmas Cards, $18.46 SkippingFox

buy christmas cardsYou can’t go wrong with these woodland creature Christmas cards. Each of the five designs in the set of ten is just as adorable as the last. They’re so cute, you might be tempted to keep them all for yourself.

Vintage Truck Cards, $4+ ChampaignPaper

buy christmas cardsEverybody remembers going to a Christmas tree farm with their families to pick out a tree. Conjure that old timey Christmas feel-good charm with this vintage truck Christmas card.

‘Tis the Season Card Set, $20 LilyandVal

buy christmas cardsIt’s easy to stress about the holidays, but don’t forget: ‘Tis the season to be jolly. We like this set of cards because it reminds us of this important lesson, and looks quite pretty, too.

Nailed It Cards, $18 JulieAnnArt

buy christmas cardsSome people have turned gift wrapping an art form. And we should all be afraid of those people, because they obviously have mad skills. But, for those of us who couldn’t wrap a present nicely if our life depended on it, there’s this card.

Robot Christmas Cards, $40 HappyDappyBits

buy christmas cardsWe feel that robots deserve a place in all the yuletide fun. Check out this set of Christmas cards featuring this little guy. He’s got a Santa hat, an ornament, and some Christmas lights. He’s more prepared for Christmas than you are.

Hand Drawn Card Set, $14.05 Kittenandking

buy christmas cardsThis set of cards covers every aspect of Christmas time. Reindeer antlers? Check. Stockings? Check. Ornaments and trees? Check and check. This set has it all.

Modern Graphic Christmas Trees, $5.96 CarrieCan

buy christmas cardsIf you’re looking for a card that’s sophisticated and modern, you can stop your search here. These graphic Christmas trees are festive yet polished, and perfect for sending out to people you know and love.

Hand Lettered Cards, $19 WestSheridan

buy christmas cardsFeaturing a hand lettered and drawn design created by the seller, this set of cards is a great way to spread a happy message to the people you love this Christmas season.

Cat Christmas Tree, $3.71+ BeccyKittyDesigns


buy christmas cardsYou’re either a cat lover, or you’re wrong. Additionally, you’re either a Christmas lover, or you’re wrong. So it’s pretty easy to see why this set of cards featuring a cat Christmas tree works so well.

Reindeer Card Set, $9.37 WrappedByAlice

buy christmas cardsMade with 100% recycled card stock, these Christmas cards are good for the environment. So when you’re done with your reindeer games, make sure that you send one of these reindeer cards to everybody on your list.

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Where are you going to buy Christmas cards from?


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