iPhone 5 Case Featured

Damn, these third party sellers waste no time jumping onto the iPhone 5 ship do they? Already, you can buy your iPhone 5 case before the iPhone 5 even arrives on your doorstep (or in the store). We scoured Case-Mate and Society 6 to bring you our 8 favorite iPhone 5 cases for your consumption.

retro camera iPhone 5 Case

You can get this vintage camera iPhone case, designed by Ewan Arnolda, for $35.

bear iPhone 5 Case

This adorable grizzly bear iPhone 5 case sells for $30 on Case-Mate.

be happy iPhone 5 Case

Be Happy” with this case designed by JoyHey! Sells for $35.

flowers iPhone 5 Case

This gorgeous floral explosion case is designed by Amy Sia and sells for $35.

nintendo game boy color iPhone 5 Case

Go retro geek chic with this Gameboy Color case, sold by Nicklas Gustafsson for $35.

bookworm iPhone 5 Case

Showcase your love for books with the Bookworm iPhone case! Sold by Cassia Beck for $35.

disney pixar up iPhone 5 Case

I get so nostalgic with the Disney Pixar Up iPhone case. Sold by Derek Temple for $35.

giraffe iPhone 5 Case

Lastly, this gorgeous illustrated giraffe iPhone case, sold by Nicole Cioffe for $35.

I don’t know about you, but oggling these (premature) gorgeous iPhone cases tempt me to buy an iPhone 5 to put in them! Just kidding! Sort of.

What is your favorite iPhone 5 Case?


  1. […] I’m not really one of those super techy people but I was starting to get a little embarrassed pulling out my iPhone 3Gs in public and it was getting pretty slow (poor thing was tired). So I gave into the pressure of the many upgrade reminders by my phone provider and got the shiny new iPhone 5.I love how lightweight & fast it is and finally having a phone with a flash but other than that many of the fab new techy features are probably lost on me. More importantly I was excited to get a new case for it. The possibilities are endless. Really. There’s too many options. Here’s just a few of my favs. The price points really vary, depending on your taste you could change it up on a regular basis. We do it with purses, why not our phone? abstract colour 1•2•3 cosmic 1•2•3 floral 1•2•3 graphic pattern 1•2•3 in disguise 1•2•3 […]


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