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kitchen ideas feat image

10 Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Weekend

Don't lie. You're definitely running for "Kitchen of the Year" next year, aren't you?
craft room makeover idea

Cute: Makeover Your Craft Space With This Cross Stitch Wall Design

We believe that your craft room, like your bedroom, should be a sanctuary. It should also be one of the more creative spaces in your house, since, after all, you'll be spending...
algorithm art

Algorithm Art: Computing Photos into Paintings in Styles of Famous Artists

Tranform your photos into something seriously one of a kind.
mike doyle beautiful lego

Sensational LEGO Art from Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

You won't believe what this man can do with some LEGO bricks.
outdoor art in nyc

Outdoor Art in NYC: 5 Installations to Explore This Summer

Here's what you should see now before it's too late!
national building museum

No Sunscreen Required for the BEACH at the National Building Museum This Summer

The BEACH is the place to be this summer...no sunscreen required!