Best Websites to Learn Design

Learn Web Design

A lot of subjects you can study today will make you a whole lot of money. In the modern times, there are specific subjects that will lead you to a good, well-paying job. This is simply because the demand for that service is so high as it is so popular. One of those subjects is … Read more

Top 10 Artist Recreations of Disney Princesses


  My friend had sent me over a link to the Pocket Princesses, and in my fit of laughter as I scrolled through her cartoons, I decided to make this post on my top 10 Disney Princess artist recreations. Check them out below! 1. Child Disney Princesses moonchildinthesky, from Argentina, decided to recreate the Disney … Read more

Photo of the Day: Lion Poses for the Camera

Photo of the Day Lion Poses for the Camera

Would you ever come near this wild animal, even if the lion poses like a cute puppy, waiting to have his belly rubbed? Yeah, we’re not sure either. But there’s something really intriguing about a massive animal rolling on his back and reaching his toes. Redditors jumped on this photo, generating memes like this amazing … Read more

For Typography Fans: Superhero Prints by Matthew Olin on Sale

For Typography Fans: Superhero Prints by Matthew Olin on Sale

Some last minute news for typography fans: if there was a graphic designer we were fawning over this summer, it was Minnesota-based graphic designer Matthew Olin and the superhero typography re-imagining project he created for his masters thesis. Do you remember when we featured his work, in which he broke down his representation of iconic … Read more

Movie Friday: Eye-Catching Skyfall Minimalist Posters

Movie Friday: Eye Catching James Bond Skyfall Minimalist Movie Posters

James Bond’s 23rd official 007 film, Skyfall, came to US theaters last night. Even though we featured some of our favorite Skyfall poster designs before, we could not help but feature Skyfall as our Movie Friday feature yet again with these eye-catching minimalist posters by Mumbai-based multimedia designer Viraj Nemlekar. Most of the design concepts … Read more

Design Trends within Mobile Gaming

Gaming console

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with innovation and trends driving the sector. There are amazing design trends that have come along in recent years, which have then been built upon. In this article, we’ll be looking into the types of trends that are influencing the industry so far. Going Retro For a while it … Read more

Creative and Terrifying Spider Projection by Friedrich van Schoor

Spider Projection Frederick van Schoor

Believe it or not, German 3D design specialist Friedrich van Schoor has found a way to make spiders more terrifying than ever. His short video project “Spider Projection” depicts two larger-than-life spiders trapped inside the top floor of a glass-fronted building, rapidly moving and crawling up the walls and windows. Despite appearing to be shockingly … Read more

Breaking Bad Cup Portraits by Cheeming Boey

Even the the season finale was a few weeks ago, Breaking Bad is still topping my newsfeed as the most talked about TV show ever. People are such big fans of the critically acclaimed AMC drama that artists like Cheeming Boey, or better known as Boy Obselete on Flickr, have paid their own creative homage … Read more

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style Exhibit Opens in London

designing 007: fifty years of bond style exhbit in london

Today, the Barbican Centre in London, England, is showcasing an exhibit entitled “Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style,” with more than 400 items included in the acclaimed Bond Films from the 1960’s until the present day, celebrating the film series’ 50 year anniversary. The film’s producers helped put together the display full of costumes … Read more