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Holiday Gift Guide for Eco Lovers

Booze, Bottles and Bikes – Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for Eco-Lovers

Everyone's got a friend who makes hemp bracelets; donates money, instead of giving birthday presents, in their friend's name to milk cows in Lagos; and gets everyone together for dinner at a vegan restaurant. Not...
Holiday Gift Guide for Upcyclers

Glorious Green Goodies – Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for Avid Upcyclers

'Reduce, reuse, recycle' is the poster child of eco-friendly PR mantras. But have you heard of 'upcycling'? According to Wikipedia, it's "the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products...
Organic Garden

Beginners Guide to Organic Gardening

We love a good DIY projects and especially love garden projects we can do ourselves because we save on labor and get the rush of creating something sustainable. The season for planting is coming...
Holiday Gift Guide for DIYers

Totes, Twill and Tools – Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for DIY’ers

Hurry! While your favorite DIY'er is hunched over his/her latest project, peruse our holiday gift guide, which features the best gifts for the crafty/handy person in your life. From conditioning soaps for brushes to...
Coasters, Clocks, and Cups - Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for Design Geeks

Coasters, Clocks and Cups – Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for Design Geeks

Got a design geek in your life? Haven't found the right gift just yet? Never fear - we've got a range of recommended presents that run from minimalist glass jars to a bell jar...
Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Geeks

Gizmos, Gadgets and Gifts – Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Geeks

The gadget geek in your life is probably shy, a little nerdy, and will never drop a hint about what he/she'd love for Christmas. Our holiday gift guide features all of 2012's must-have gadgets:...
New Creation NYC - Bakery

New Creation NYC Imagines a New Kind of Bakery

One of the major lessons I learned in college was that social responsibility and entrepreneurship had the capacity to grow into something huge. The fact that TOMS Shoes has become as big as it...
KLIPPBOK: Inspiration Board iPad App by IKEA

KLIPPBOK: Scrapbook iPad App by IKEA

KLIPPBOK (pronounced klip, bäk) literally translates from Swedish as "scrap book.' This free iPad app released for IKEA Australia (but is downloadable to anyone with access to the App Store!) helps users visualize their...
Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway is a brand new online shopping boutique that focuses exclusively on women's prescription glasses. Rivet & Sway may be an online boutique, but the way they personalize your experience is turning...
Charge Cycle Bike New York City

The Charge Cycle: Pedal to Power your Phone

Imagine if you could skip electrical outlets and hop on a bike to charge your cell? It would've come in pretty handy during Hurricane Sandy when thousands of people were without power and desperate...
Top 4 Designs Shown in SIESTA London Design Festival Film

Our 4 Favorite Designs Shown in SIESTA’s London Design Festival Film

SIESTA, the design minds behind the Green Lamp, created a short film featuring all their favorite design features at this year's London Design Festival. They have featured roughly 200 designers, covering furniture designs, lighting,...
Rolling Stone Anniversary: Our 10 Favorite Cover Designs

Rolling Stone Anniversary: Our 10 Favorite Covers

On November 9, 1967, Rolling Stone magazine released its first issue. In honor of the Rolling Stone anniversary, we rounded up our 10 favorite magazine covers of the last 45 years. Some, naturally, are...
Airless Bike Tires by Britek

Airless Bike Tires by Britek

If you've ever been out enjoying a leisurely bike ride, only to run over a nail and get stuck with a flat tire, Britek has a solution for you. The company has developed a prototype for...
50 Years of James Bond Cars - Infographic

50 Years of James Bond Cars (Infographic)

The highly acclaimed James Bond series film, Skyfall, is set to release in US theaters this Thursday. Anticipation for the 50th official James Bond movie is high -- just this past October was Global...
The Environmental Costs of a T-Shirt (Infographic)

The Environmental Costs of a T-Shirt (Infographic)

Laundry is the chore we loathe the most in our list of continuous chores -- we can't help but hate the trouble we go through just to wash and dry our regular clothes, not...
Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Winner

Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Winner Announced

The Electrolux Design Lab is an annual event that was established in 2003. This global design competition is opened up to industrial design students, who submit inspiring concepts that are relevant to the time...



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