Funny Friday: These Lint Rollers Will Make You Giggle

3m Lint roller

On a Friday Afternoon, it is safe to say that we definitely could use some lighthearted humor. Naturally, however, we would love to connect  it to the world of design and media.This funny spin on 3M Lint Rollers and their uses by Nemesis Pictures is sure to make you giggle. Who says advertising has to be boring? Definitely not us … Read more

Have You Seen Our New Identity?

redesign revolution screen shot identity

Just like people feel the need to change their looks from time to time, Redesign Revolution has also taken it upon themselves to spruce up their image. We think it is a great and much-needed change! Redesign’s new identity consists of geometric shapes and dynamism and it all starts with the new logo. The asymmetric … Read more

Recap: Face Off Season 6 Finale – And the Winner Is…

Syfy Face Off Season 6 Finale - Tyler 1

It’s the Face Off Season 6 Finale and a battle between Rashaad, George, and Tyler. The final Spotlight Challenge is to create two rival alien races loosely based upon a constellation and randomly incorporating laser lights that must withstand a dance contest. Squee!!! And each designer will get two losing contestants to help them. Ugh. … Read more

Recap: Archer Vice Finale, “Arrivals/Departures”

archer vice finale arrivals departures episode feat image

This week on the Archer Vice finale… Lana is in labor, and in handcuffs. Maybe Christian Slater knows how to deliver a baby? Oh wait, Archer is a certified doula, so all is good(-ish). The CIA is invading San Marcos. Don’t bother asking why the CIA gave San Marcos weapons, that’s a minor detail that doesn’t really … Read more

Recap: Face Off Season 6, Episode 14 – Cry Wolf

Syfy Face Off Season 6 Episode 14 Cry Wolf - Werewolf Spotlight Challenge Winner - George

Instead of sending someone home, all four Face Off artists are driven to a Universal Studios back lot for the last challenge before the finale. Werewolves. And they must belong to the same world as their vampire nemesis from the last challenge. And it must contain a special weapon. Niko has quite a challenge, to … Read more