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Adobe Creative Cloud Giveaway

Adobe Students Creative Cloud Holiday Giveaway Ends Dec. 20

Per Surviving College: Every student has at least one teacher who has impacted them in some way and helped them to grow and inspired their creativity. Whether that teacher taught you invaluable lessons in...
tiny hamsters feat

Happy Fourth! Now Watch This Hamster Celebrate.

Celebrate the start of the long weekend the right way... with this video.

Eco Feature: Easily Find a Campsite This Summer Using Hipcamp

The new platform natures everywhere are bound to rave about!
best iphone games

5 Gorgeous iPhone Games You Didn’t Even Know About

Games that are not only fun but beautiful to look at.
20 day stranger

Share Your Life with a Stranger for 20 Days via MIT’s App

Peek into the life of someone living halfway across the world.
halloween commercials 2014

The Best Halloween Commercials of 2014

Spooky and fun. You have to see these.
starbucks coffee cup art soo min kim

Korean Artist Soo Min Kim Gives Popular Starbucks Logo New Life

Watch the Starbucks mermaid transform before your very eyes.
garfi the cat 10

Garfi the Cat Hates You

So mean. So fluffy. So cat.



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