Airless Bike Tires by Britek

Airless Bike Tires by Britek

If you’ve ever been out enjoying a leisurely bike ride, only to run over a nail and get stuck with a flat tire, Britek has a solution for you. The company has developed a prototype for puncture-proof, airless bike tires that can store energy and convert it into forward momentum. The Energy Return Wheel (ERW) was originally developed … Read more

Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung

Hole Measuring Tape Sunghoon Jung

The Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung is a 2012 IF Design Talents Award entry. This is a pretty innovative redesign of the traditional measuring tape with tons of new features. It allows you to draw straight lines and circles with any length and circumference with precision. It’s also retractable like a traditional industrial measuring tape, … Read more

Tech Tuesday: Suntory Whisky Uses Cutting Edge Technology for Ad Campaign

suntory whisky

Miniature ice sculptures are making a splash in Japan. Creative agency TBWA/Hakuhodo applied “cutting-edge” (pun intended) technology to chunks of ice to create multidimensional mini sculptures best enjoyed in a cocktail for Suntory Whisky’s unique “3D on the Rocks” ad campaign. The Suntory Whisky campaign recreates iconic landmarks and imagery into incredibly intricate ice sculptures submerged in … Read more

Tomorrow Machine: The Micro Garden of Tomorrow

tomorrow machine microgarden feat image

Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specializes in packaging, product, and food concepts – all of which are incredibly relevant today due to the growing population and increasing prices of land, real estate, and local food or farming. Understanding the growing need for self-sufficiency, Tomorrow Machine partnered up with Berlin-based … Read more

Tech Tuesday: Nest Protect and Thermostat


Nest Labs provides a much-needed tech makeover to those antiquated looking smoke alarms and thermostats with Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.   Nest Protect acts as a smoke alarm and CO2 detector that incorporates all of the modern technology that we’re accustomed to these days, including wifi connectivity that allows you to receive smoke or CO2 alerts … Read more