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jason mecier may the best meat win barack obama mitt romney

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney: Meet the Meatheads by Jason Mecier

We're not sure if making portraits of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney out of beef jerky is high art or great design. It is, however, a fun way for the Jack Link's company to...

Nicki Minaj’s Upcoming Perfume Looks Like a Pink Robot

Rihanna made news earlier this week when her perfume, Rebelle by Rihanna, became the best-selling celebrity fragrance in the UK despite an awkward bottle design that's a difficult to hold as a bowling pin....

Fender American Vintage Guitar Series Launches on Musician’s Friend Today

Vintage Fender Guitars Made Fresh! Get Yer Rebellion Here! Is there anything more perfectly designed than an electric guitar? Maybe. There might even be cooler designs. We know that certain folks have strong opinions about...
rebelle by rihanna

Rebelle by Rihanna is the Fastest Selling Celebrity Perfume in the UK

Guess who has the hottest celebrity perfume in the history of -- well, celebrities? That would be Rihanna. The pop star's "Rebelle" fragrance has become the fastest-selling fragrance in the United Kingdom. In fact,...
Zing Multi-Colored Cookware by Stickman Designs

Zing! Multi-Colored Silicone Cookware by Stickman Designs

Just look at that: beautiful multi-colored silicone cookware, Zing!, with excellent packaging design. Even more, a streamlined brand that gives the products personality and adds a sense of youthful playfulness. United Kingdom-based designers Stickman...
Street Charger Concept by Industrial Design Company Pensa

Phone Charger Concept: StreetCharge by Pensa

Of all the new cell phone charger concepts you can now carry around with you, it doesn't help the fact that sometimes, we have to scramble when we need to call someone or check...

Top 5 iPhone 4 and 4s Cases For…

Yes, we are well-aware that iPhone 5 is on its way soon. But that doesn't mean you can't dress up your current iPhone now! Check out our list of top iPhone cases for very...
polaroid cameras

Top 5 Coolest Cameras Inspired by the Polaroid

It's Camera Day today! So we're going to do a semi-throwback. Remember the Polaroid? The camera that contained self-developing film -- and within 30 seconds, a 4x4 picture would eerily appear with a space of...

Dieline Package Design Awards: 2011 Winners

The Dieline 2012 Package Design Awards started today in Boston, MA, and will close on June 25, 2012. The Dieline Awards is a worldwide competition founded in 2009 dedicated to showcasing the best in...
kids imagination furniture the cardboard guys 1

Cardboard Kid Furniture You Never Have To Worry About!

Never worry about spending too much on something that will last too little!
small technology ultra compact flash drive

Brilliantly Compact Tech You Truly Need

These gadgets are portable AND keep design in mind.
gift wrapping

10 Prettiest Gift Wrapping Papers Ever

In this case, it is what's on the outside that matters.
paper masks 16

DIY Paper Masks to Switch Things Up This Halloween

Not only are these cool, but they're also sustainable!

The Most Interesting Coffee Cups Ever

A jolt of caffeine and inspiration.