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Throwback Thursday Campbells Soup Featured Image

Throwback Thursday: Campbell’s Soup Logo History is Mm Mm Good!

Find out why the Campbell's Soup logo is red & white!
penguin books penguin random house

Throwback Thursday: Keeping It Classy With Penguin Books

Image via School Library Journal The evolution of the Penguin Books logo has been so subtle throughout the years that you probably hardly even noticed a difference from when you were reading a copy of...
wrap genius nutrition label design

Wrap Genius: Could Redesigned Nutrition Labels Help Us Eat Better?

We’re never quite sure what to eat. With one conflicting research study trumping another repeatedly, it has become increasingly difficult to make smart food choices, and to know what we really need at the...
ballerina candy wrapper packaging design

An Eye on Packaging: Inspired Ballerina Candy Wrappers

In all honesty, who can get enough of great packaging design, especially when they are highly inspired. One of our recent favorites - in both form and inspiration - is the "Ballerina Candy" Concept. The product, form,...
suntory whisky

Tech Tuesday: Suntory Whisky Uses Cutting Edge Technology for Ad Campaign

Miniature ice sculptures are making a splash in Japan. Creative agency TBWA/Hakuhodo applied "cutting-edge" (pun intended) technology to chunks of ice to create multidimensional mini sculptures best enjoyed in a cocktail for Suntory Whisky’s unique “3D...
tomorrow machine microgarden feat image

Tomorrow Machine: The Micro Garden of Tomorrow

Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specializes in packaging, product, and food concepts - all of which are incredibly relevant today due to the growing population and increasing prices...
Fashion Packaging Design Hermes

Food Packaging Design: Very Expensive, Very Fashion

This exhibit focuses on consumer behavior and the decision making process intrinsic to great product & packaging design, but is a brand name worth more?
packaging design awards coca cola feat image

A’ Design Award Winners 2014 – Products, Packaging, and More

Despite the fact that packaging, design, and branding can sometimes get overlooked or disregarded, designers are always interested in creating the latest and most innovative of boxes, cans, product, imagery and more. You would...
Anek-Kulthaweesup-Mumi feat image

Milan Design Week 2014: Sustainable Technology That Will Wow You

Well, folks... It sure is starting to look a lot like Design season! With an onslaught of Design Weeks, Festivals, and Events, it is high time to get inspired. That being said, we understand...

Etsy Wednesday: 10 Awesome Art Prints by Redpostbox

Emptiness is intimidating. Blank Word documents. Blank sheets of paper. Blank canvases. Blank walls.  When the human mind encounters a broad expanse of nothingness, it seems to freak out and shut down. The trick to...

Etsy Wednesday: 10 Doctor Who Finds for True Whovians

This week’s Etsy Wednesday post is going to be fantastic because it features some great handmade items for Whovians. Don’t blink, or you might miss them! Doctor Who is the longest running TV show of...