Shape-Shifting Origami House by The D*Haus Company

D*Haus: Origami House that Changes Shape to Face the Sun

UK-based designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson have created an architectural concept that could revolutionize the field: a shape-shifting origami house that could morph into eight different configurations to respond to seasonal, meteorological and even astronomical conditions. The house can adapt from winter to summer or even day to night by literally moving inside … Read more

Canada’s Glacier Discovery Walk Goes Sky High

Discovery Walk Canada Sturgess Architecture

Acrophobes, beware – this is not fear-of-heights-friendly! Sturgess Architecture won first place in a Canada-based design competition that challenged architects to build a new tourist attraction. Their winning entry, Glacier Discovery Walk, is a transparent walkway that will be built along the Columbian Icefields in Alberta, Canada that will allow its visitors to feel as though they’re … Read more

7 Coolest Tiny Homes

7 coolest tiny homes hobbit house wales

The size of homes in the United States has been dramatically increasing in the last few decades. In the 1970s, the average house size was 1,400 square feet, and as of 2009, the average was nearly double that at 2,700 square feet. While most people are building and moving to bigger and bigger houses, some … Read more

10 Traditional Homes from Around the World

Redesign Revolution recently featured a story on homes across America, but we thought we would up the ante and show all our readers homes from around the world. It is obvious that life across the world is completely different from city to city. Some parts of the world are so different that it is hard … Read more