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tenth tallest skyscraper in the world that is still under construction

World’s 10 Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction

The skylines we know so well across the world are changing. By 2017, there will be new skyscrapers towering over the old buildings we used to claim as the tallest skyscrapers in the world....

Tokyo Starbucks Design by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma is famous for his fascination with the most rudimentary of all building materials -- the Kapla-like wooden block. As such, he utilized these 6 cm (or 2.36 inch) square blocks to create...

HHGO Garden Residence by Sören Hanft and Jens Casper

German architects Sören Hanft and Jens Casper were the 2009 BDA Winners in the Lower Price category (Bund Deutscher Architekten/ Association of German Architects) for their contemporary creation of a home garden residence in Oldenburg, Germany. The architects...
outdoor art in nyc

Outdoor Art in NYC: 5 Installations to Explore This Summer

Here's what you should see now before it's too late!