DIY Thursday

The best home projects from all around the web that you can do all by yourself!

paint tutorial

DIY Thursday: Paint Tutorials for Newbies

For when you can't master a saw, there's always a paint brush.
diy phone accessories

DIY Thursday: Crafts for your Phone or Tablet

Sometimes you just want to update your gadgets. Here are some ideas.
diy cement projects feat image

DIY Thursday: 10 Things You Can Do With A Bag of Concrete

Think concrete is too difficult to deal with? Not really!

DIY Thursday: 10 Pretty Paper Decorations

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, DIY paper decorations seem like a no-brainer!
diy fathers day gifts feat image

DIY: Easy and Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day is... this weekend! Get ready with these gifts.
diy tin can

DIY Thursday: 10 Terrific Tin Can Crafts

These projects are super attractive for your home!
diy accent wall feat image

DIY Thursday: Easy and Awesome Accent Walls

For a jolt of energy, these projects can bring any room to life.

DIY Thursday: Fun Driftwood Crafts

Who knew you could make so many cool projects with a slab of wood?
toy animal crafts

DIY Thursday: Plastic Animal Redo

Who knew these plastic animals could be so adorable around the house?
paper bag diy feat image

DIY Thursday: Crafty Paper Bag Tutorials You Can Use Everywhere

Rework those Whole Foods bags into something wonderful for your home.
indoor gardens

DIY Thursday: Insanely Easy Indoor Gardens

Fast, easy, fun and totally gorgeous - we're totally ready to try these out!
chalkboard paint diy crafts feat image

DIY Thursday: Fun and Handy Chalkboard Crafts

Kids today, huh? They’ve got their fancy video games and what not. In our day, we walked to school both ways in the snow. We didn’t have fancy toys and games, we had to...
window decor diy ideas feat image

DIY Thursday: What to Do with Old Windows

Who knew there were so many things you could do to/with an old window!