DIY Thursday: Sliding Barn Door Project & More

We consider ourselves very lucky for stumbling across one of the greatest DIY projects of all time [or so we think]. In what has become part of our interior design obsession, we’ve found tutorial for a DIY sliding barn door! Barn doors, sliding or not for that matter, are a great addition to a modern home … Read more

DIY Thursday: 6 Backyard Fire Pits

When I show up at a party, it isn’t because I’m a social butterfly. It’s because I’ve been told there would be snacks. That’s why people get together, isn’t it? To eat? I mean, that’s why I leave my house. Still, just because I’d rather eat than talk doesn’t mean that’s what everyone else would … Read more

DIY Thursday: 10 Lighting Fixtures to Brighten You Up


We happen to be in the midst of winter. Colder temperatures and longer nights. While it’s nice to bundle up indoors with some mood lighting (thanks to copious amounts of candles), you might want to think about creating a new source of light for your home. It has been proven that lack of exposure to … Read more

DIY Thursday: 6 DIY Shoe Tutorials

DIY Shoes

This was originally published on HauteTalk and was republished here with permission. For this DIY Thursday, we’re exploring the possibilities of DIY shoe alterations that you can do yourself! C’mon, we all have those shoes we haven’t worn in ages. Maybe all they need is a little spark to put some life back in their step! … Read more