DIY Thursday: 9 DIY Gallery Wall Ideas

DIY Gallery Wall Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy, not-too-permanent solution to dressing up your walls, then we have it for you: DIY gallery walls. Gallery walls are a fantastic way to slap some personality, more than any paint color, on your walls. You can bring together an eclectic collection of inspiration to make a statement on your … Read more

DIY Thursday: 10 Vertical Gardens for Your Home

A vertical garden is precisely what you think it might be – greenery growing upwards, typically against a wall. Many examples of this can be found unintentionally on old buildings where the vines have seemed to take over. However, as of late this “green wall” concept has become very popular. Nowadays, people are intentionally attempting … Read more

DIY Thursday: Upcycled Vinyl Record Crafts for World Record Store Day

DIY Vinyl Record Crafts Butterfly Wall Art

Saturday, April 20, is World Record Store Day! The fact that this upcoming Saturday is the sixth annual international celebration of vinyl records and independent records shows that the world’s increasing transition to digital formats does not apply to real music lovers. We have a special fascination for vinyl records because of the opportunity they … Read more