Eco Monday

Eco-friendly and sustainable news from around the design and technology world.

bentu design lighting

Bentu Design Turns Industrial Waste Into Awesome Lighting

From construction waste, Bentu creates light... literally!
veiled chameleon the taronga zoo

Amazingly Adorable Chameleon Hatchlings from Taronga Zoo

So small, they could fit on the tip of your finger.
houseplants benefits

Eco Monday: 5 Hidden Health Benefits of Houseplants

With Spring here, you should certainly be looking to make your home a little more GREEN.
Andrés Jaque COSMO

Andrés Jaque’s Water-Purifying Pavilion To Take Center Stage at MOMA PS1

Who else is ready to jam out at this summer's brand new MOMA PS1 Pavilion?
terroir project

Terroir: Is Seaweed the Future of Sustainable Furniture?

Seaweed furniture? It might just be the sustainable future of design and home decor.
impact a thon micro shelter

Carnegie Mellon Students Design GENIUS Micro-Shelters

Here's a cause we need to be more aware of and these University students are leading the way.
carton 2 garden

Carton 2 Garden Contest Helps Grow School Garden Programs

A sustainability initiative anyone can get behind.
weaving a home project

Weaving a Home: Sophisticated, Solar-Powered Refugee Tents

An exquisite refugee shelter proposition that is not only beautiful, but sustainable.
Giuliano Mauri cattedrale vegetale

A Living, Breathing and Green Cathedral

Bringing a new meaning to "green" architecture.
charity gifts feat image

Easy, Last Minute Gifts That Give Back

These are the gifts that keep giving back!